Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar Rumble on The View

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The presidential election is under two weeks away and tension is rising around the country. The set of The View may be the epicenter of political squabbling.

As usual, the show's resident hot conservative pundit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clashed with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over Barack Obama and taxes. But apparently, that was nothing compared to a confrontation taking place after the broadcast.

Hasselbeck was reportedly pissed that Behar has been using The View to tout Behar's upcoming stand-up performance, which she called "political in nature." Elisabeth, sporting a tight little John McCain t-shirt, demanded equal time.

Joy got in Elisabeth's face, screaming "If you do that again I will burn you down." (!?) Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. At that point, Joy turned around and yelled, "Shut the f*%k up!" and stormed off.

Just another week at the office.

Below is one of the exchanges (follow this link for more classic, past and present, inflammatory Elisabeth Hasselbeck videos) that sparked it...


Joy should retire and chum around with Rosie the Sow. Same thing
every day, Joy screaming and making no sense.


Barbara Walters should retire, Joy Behar (RED) is disgusting, Sherry well shes just there because of her color, Whoopi I liked you best when I didn`t know you! you should have continued making movies and stuck with the laughs! Elizabeth deserves a Medal!!! God Bless you Elizabeth, I would have slapped the crap out of these people!


I agree that Joy Behar has become obnoxious. I've noticed that her personality has changed in the past year, to the point that I would like her to just sit there and keep her mouth shut. It is very clear that she has a chip on her shoulder about most everything and Elizabeth hasn't hit enough road bumps in life to open her eyes. Naive and immature are two words I would use to describe that girl. I've given up watching that show altogether. Instead, I spend that hour taking a heart-healthy walk.


I don't have a problem with Joy Behar at all. I find Elisabeth Hasselbeck hard to swollow. She is a whimpering, whiny person with a spoiled brat attitude. Republican or Democrat doesn't matter. She is opinionated and overbearing. Every negative word or discription discribes Elisabeth. A temper tantrum that led to her spilling water across the table into the lap of Barbara Waters, much over the top."Miss Personality Plus" NOT!! Where is her brain?
Please replace her. I love the view, but you can do better than this. I'm sorry, she is irritating and offensive.


I watch the view - have since the beginning. In the last 2 years Joy Behar has gotten so loud & crass. She is not even remotely funny -- I cannot believe this women has a stand-up show. When she starts to talk I have started to mute my TV. She is loud, obnoxious and stupid. The other one I cannot stand is Barbara. I hate to say it but she gone from a respectable news women to a bumbling idiot. Out of nowhere the women starts to sing old show tunes. The rest I like but I have reached the point where Joy and Barbara bother me so much I am not sure I can continue watching.


I HATE Joy Behar. Seriously. Hate her. Fricking arrogant bitchy leftist POS!


Enough with Joy Behar, her comments serve to prove her ignorance. I can understand disagreement but the lady is mean and has zero tolerance. If her protests had any factual back-up it would be different but it is easy to tell she talks first and fact checks never


What is with all the talk about California and Prop 8 without any mention of Connecticuts' decision (from the bench) and the religious rights'....(Sherri, Elisabeth)efforts to convene a constitutional convention to overturn it? THEY LOST!!!! by an overwhelming margin! Same sex marraige remains legal in CT (marraiges will begin this week). Sherri is shopping for a gravy boat for Ellen and Portia? If I were Ellen, I'd put it up on e-bay under bigots anonymous. Talk about a phony. Sherri, please, don't show up at my door with any tracts. I'm a life-long Christian, but I also read the New Testament. Jesus NEVER mentioned homosexuality. If we all lived under the "law" of the Old Testament, Sherri would be one of the first ones to be stoned ( and not the mellow kind ) with her bragging about sleeping around and abortions. Please people, check your own houses before you begin judging others.


Please God let Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave the View and join the people at Fox. It is where she belongs. Then all these people who love her so can see her all the time since Fox is probably the only channel they watch other than the View on ABC. My husband and I watch Sean Hannitys show because the guy is just so over the top crazy and unbelievable. They should get rid of the Democratic guy and make Elisabeth his partner. I was an undecided voter for quite a while and considered voting for McCain but I tell you what made me decide on Obama was Hannity, Hasselbeck and Palin. Thanks guys, I pretty sure I made the right choice.


THe producers of The View need to seriously consider replacing the moron Hasslebeck with another conservative viewpoint woman who can actually speak coherently on the issues. Your viewers deserve that. I mean, how did this imbecile get chosen for The View in the fist place? Her only claim to celebrity is that she used a neckerchief as a bandeau top during a reality series. I would appreciate smart discussion on important topics, but I stopped watching this show regularly years ago because of Hasslebecks shrill emptyheaded screetches at persons of differing opinion. ANd every time I do tune in, it is always the same. But honestly, she has become a caricature of her own ridiculous self in the past month. How is it that Whoopi, Barbara and Joy can even sit at the same table with her. She is an insult to every thinking woman in America.

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