Miley Cyrus Warned: Don't Get Knocked Up!

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Considering how attractive Justin Gaston is (have you seen the guy shirtless?!?), it makes sense that Billy Ray Cyrus allegedly sat his daughter down recently and warned her against giving in to temptation with her new man.

“I told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be over if something were to happen,” Billy Ray told a friend, according to Star. “I think I made an impression on her - at least, I hope so.”

Miley Cyrus' parents hope she never gets closer to Justin Gaston than she is here.

Reportedly, earlier this year, Tish Cyrus and Lynn Spears spoke at length about their famous daughters.

The conversation left an impression on Billy Ray, who doesn't wanna see his cash cow offspring suffer the same fate as Jamie-Lynn Spears.

“Tish and Billy Ray told Miley, one bad decision and she could forget the showbiz glamor; she’d have to be home feeding the baby, changing diapers and living the life of a teen mom,” said a source.

That sound you hear is Bristol Palin crying.

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You go Cherry Blossom. thats rights. hopefully she does get pregnat so she can stop being so annoying on tv!


ugh so he knows there doing it. it's like "now remember to use a condom cuz if you end up like Jaime Lynn, you aint gonna be no hannah montana no more." dude and at least Jaime Lynn didn't have pics of herself being a dumbass slut on the internet. Hacked or no Hacked, miley's still a slut non the less & her dad only hopes she using a condom. some talk huh.


Billy ray cyrus ur right also miley is well to go 4 him


Ooh, sounds like someones fifteen minutes are almost over... Tick, tick tick, tick....


So Billy Ray Cyrus is then admitting that he's letting a much older guy possibly have sex with his underage daughter? Now that's backwoods country y'all. Hear that Bristol? use a condom next time.