Miley Cyrus Hearts Justin Gaston

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During a performance at Foxwoods Casino over the weekend, Miley Cyrus ended all doubts about whether or not she's dating Justin Gaston.

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    Sonick How did you reach that logic? You don't know whether or not she's a virgin. And it's not like she going to openly tell you either.

    Photoshoped. But what's the big deal, anyway? They're dating big deal.


    i hope she gets pregnant


    Some people have this photo from the San Bernardino concert(you're right it's not Foxwoods)and nothing is written on her wrist apparently.


    this isnt from foxwoods they got it wrong its from the san berdino concert people!! thats why you dont see it!!! justin was there and she sang to him!!!
    love miles anyway a true fan supports and doesnt bash!!!


    Total bulls*t that pic is definitely photoshopped for
    reasons stated by Stephanie above. I think people are
    just trying to do anything to make Miley look stupid!!


    Hopefully, it is a fake. If not, Miley is not a virgin.


    It is fake :

    (1) She is wearing a tank top in concert & she's not
    wearing that above.
    (2) She is wearing a dog collar necklace in concert
    and that's not in the pic either.
    (3) She wears a bracelet all through the concert on that
    hand & only takes it off at the end of the concert & by
    that time she changed into a red top..but the top is
    black above.
    (4) Her earrings aren't visible in concert.
    (5) The surroundings in the pic above is not foxwood

    Verdict: This pic is photoshopped & is total BS.


    i think its fake i dont believe one bit


    If you watch the videos of her concert not once does
    she take off the bracelet she has on her left hand.
    The only time she does is at the end of the concert
    and at that stage she is wearing a white top which
    rules out the above photo because in that she is wearing
    a black top. I could be wrong but I smell major major


    What song does she take her bracelet off in??? coz
    to me that pic is photoshopped, that's unless someone
    can answer my question??

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