Konniving Kim Kardashian Accused of Selling Out Reggie Bush

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Is Kim Kardashian posing adorably with Reggie Bush in the hospital one second... only to sell photos of herself and her man to celebrity gossip tabloids the next second?

According to sources, the giant-breasted reality TV star is selling out her injured boyfriend.

"Kim was peddling pictures of Reggie Bush partying with her in Vegas while he's supposedly 'injured'," an insider told MSNBC.

Bush is sidelined for a couple weeks with a knee injury. But the source claims Kardashian is hoping to spin the running back's ailment to her benefit.

"She is trying to make it out to look like he isn't hurt, that he's pulling a fast one on his team and just partying it up with her instead of being with the Saints. You could argue if he's well enough to party in Vegas, he could at least show his support on the sidelines, but selling pictures? That's pretty low, too."


nita22, pls take the advice. Grow up and find a real idol!!!


nita22 ur a delusional moron...kim k isnt a real celeb so she HAS to do desperate things like sell out her actually talented boy toy....grow up and find a real idol.


OMG, Kim !!!
Girl, can you believe the nerves of some ignorant ass people that would spread vicious lies about you and your man?! WTF is wrong with people these days. There is enough problems in this world that need to be tended to instead of being all up in yours and Reggie's. I don't know you both personally, but you both seem to be two awesome ass individuals that I would love to become great friends with. So, you guys Get that Dirt off Ya Shoulders and Do You. Keep God in Your Lives Always and Stay True.
Much Love For You and Reggie!!

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