Kirsten Dunst: Alive, Encouraging People to Vote

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Election season is upon us and Why Tuesday? is a non-profit organization "seeking solutions to increase voter turnout and participation in elections."

They should have called it Why Bother? or Why Didn't We Get Anyone Better Than Kirsten Dunst For Our Public Service Announcement?

Kirsten Dunst Image

Seriously, the last we heard of the actress, she was rehab-bound. That was eight months ago, and even that barely made the celebrity gossip radar.

More importantly, why should Kirsten Dunst make you any interested in voting? If you don't care enough to as it is, will video suddenly change that?

We're sort of bewildered by the whole get-out-the-vote concept. Anyway, here's the latest PSA featuring a "Hollywood star" (term used semi-loosely):

Kirsten Dunst PSA

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My thoughts exactly, Diana.


I admit, that was a really weird public service announcement. I disagree, however, with your assumption that Kirsten Dunst is not a hollywood star. The fact that she does not touch the celebrity gossip world's radar should be admired, not looked down upon.