Kim Kardashian Goes Retro

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Kim Kardashian was just voted off Dancing with the Stars, so we don't mean to pick on her too much.

Okay, we do.

Hands Full

But the reality star brings it upon herself when she goes out in public dressed like a hippie.

Take a look at an outfit Kim recently wore out and respond to the poll question below...

In this outfit, Kim Kardashian komes across as...


Yeah, I think if you're gunna talk about fashion you should be very current about it, and the Bohemian look is in style right now ... and it's classier than ever too because this year the look is Bohemian Luxe - bohemian inspired clothes mixed with a royal appeal. I don't like this girl one bit I think she's a ho* but this top is very stylish.


She's worn some unusual/FUGLY things before, but she looks really cute in this pic!


You tried to make fun of Kim but the majority of voters thinks the outfit looks great on her. Ha! Nice try.

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