Kat Von D: Would You Hit It?

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You may know Kat Von D from the hit TLC reality television series Miami Ink and its subsequent spin-off, starring Ms. Von D herself, LA Ink.

If you aren't familiar with her, get familiar with her below. Yowza.

Former Motley Crue member Nikki Sixx is currently seeing Kat Von D nude. Plenty of dudes are probably jealous right now. But are you? Tell us ...

Kat Von D Naked

Would you hit it?


She's individualistic - she has turned her skin into a canvas and flouted convention to be who she needs to be. Who's hands are those? Her ex? She dates the nastiest guys - when sh ewas stil on Miami Ink, I saw her husband. Short, nerdy, TOO quiet and dumb and uh-gly! She was WAY out of his league. But given that, I have something to say; MUFFIN TOP




I would't like hit it out of respect towards her just because shes so deep as a person,and no disrepect towards her man...


When Vampira was young, her daddy didn't hug her enough. That's why she's so bitter. Now she's a femi-nazi with man hating tendencies and she's real fat.


Vampire....... So would u hit it or what,I damn well would id tap that lovely tattoed ass for sure.And maybe when she tatto's my ass i can tapp her's and not just in my dreams.


Who makes this site? Do you want to hit that? How cheesy and idiotic.It's like "yeah man i'd like to f**k her man!"ahu,ahu,ahu yeah beavis.people are getting dumber by the freaking moment.Get a life.What are you a perv? what do you get out of this? You're taking a poll to see how many more idiots want to j**k off to this person who they will never f**k why not take the "poll-pole" and shove it up your a**!!!!


Nikki Sixx is still in Motley Crue...

@ Sarah


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Kat Von D Biography

Kat Von D Pic
Kat Von D (short for Katherine Von Drachenberg) is a cool tattoo artist featured on TLC's Miami Ink and then on her own spin-off series,... More »
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Full Name
Katherine Von Drachenberg