Karissa Shannon: Arrested for Kicking Kristina Shannon

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You'd think twins that pose naked together would get along very well.

But celebrity gossip site TMZ reports that Karissa Shannon was arrested in November 2007 for kicking Kristina Shannon in the face. That's some seriously tough love.

The Shannon Twins Nude

Karissa and Kristina Shannon were not always this close. Or this naked.

According to the police report: When cops showed up, Kristina was lying on the ground outside her apartment, "wearing only blue jean pants" and "bleeding from her nose." As for Karissa? She was standing over her sister and asking who had done this, "as if she had no idea what had happened."

However, a neighbor said he witnessed one twin kicking the other twin in the face, though "he could not identify which sister was which." We wonder if Hugh Hefner has the same problem in bed. And if he cares.

Karissa eventually admitted to the beating. Now, of course, the Shannon Twins have kissed - at the very, very least - and made up.


Ha ha ha those dumb hoes!!!!! I saw them in November at social night club in Sacramento!!! Kristina was crying in the bathroom because her " boyfriend/promoter/pimp " had cheated on her and either her sister or some other dumb look a like was trying to console her, I just looked at her pathetic ass and said " awww what's the matter honey? Fake tits and peroxide blonde hair don't get you everything in life?" yeah I sure did:)


Kristina took a beating for telling twin sister Karissa to stop fucking a monkey boyfriend (Sam Jones III) because it's making them both look bad. Karissa got pissed and beat the crap out of her sister Kristina. Poor Kristina, she should just bail and let her sister be a train wreck on her own.


we have the same name. thought i was the only one.lol


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