Karissa and Kristina Shannon: We're (Basically) Innocent!

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Karissa and Kristina Shannon can't deny they were arrested earlier this year for battery. After all, there are police records and stuff.

But Karissa told St. Petersburg police that a coworker's boyfriend - some dude named Ben - attacked Kristina while they were partying at their coworker's apartment in January. Don't you just hate when that happens?

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Photo

The incident report has been uncovered, revealing the following quotes and details related to the Shannon twins' shady past. To wit:

  • "Ben and Kristina started to argue," Karissa said of the melee. "Ben was calling Kristina names and making her cry. Ben hit Kristina. He then hit her with a beer bottle."
  • From there, Karissa added that their coworker, Erica, her boyfriend in the attack, hitting Kristina in the "mouth, head and nose."
  • Consequently, Karissa pulled Erica's hair to get her away from Kristina. In a tough break, though,, the jolt resulted in the coworker running into a wall and falling over.
  • Oh, and the entire incident took place after Ben attempted to sell the twins Xanax.

Despite the fracas, the twins had no idea they were in trouble.

When cops told Karissa and Kristina to get "up against the wall and spread 'em," they assumed it was a typical Saturday night.

Hugh Hefner looks thrilled to be photographed here with new girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon. Sounds like they're the type to bring handcuffs to bed.


They will make their money screwing the retired dude. These girls are forgettable.


Trust me!!!!!! This is NOT made up! I used to work with these girls at Winghouse in Pinellas Park, Florida and I know them first hand! I know Erica too, and I used to party with them at the house that they were arrested at! It was my ex boyfriend's house. These girls are a waste of human flesh! They lie, steal, cheat, fight, anything to get ahead! And it makes me sick to my stomach because they don't deserve a break like this! Hef and the Bunny's better lock their doors and hide their valuables, these girls are going to shake up the mansion for sure! I would expect a fight or two too! If you think you know trifling you obviously haven't met the twins!


I think these girls are frauds and proof that Hef is losing his marbles. Again, I'll change the subject and mention these orange tans everyone is sporting in Hollywood? My fake tan is at least "bronze" and I do it myself. Can someone in Hollywood tell these celebs they're getting ripped off at the spray booth?


i think that people pick on celebrities for no- reason.they(the celebrities) would like to have some privice in their lives because they work to entertain us, then they get no thanks for it and they get all their private stuff all over the web ........... i think it is wrong

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