Jamie Lynn Spears Really is Pregnant Again, Tabloid Insists

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This has a Rielle Hunter-like feel to it.

Despite several denials, the National Enquirer continues to ride this story harder than Casey Aldridge does Jamie Lynn Spears, insisting that America's favorite 17-year-old unwed mom is indeed pregnant for the second time in under a year.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

The Enquirer reported last week that Casey got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again. After some public denials from the Spears camp, the story fizzled.

But this weekend, the venerable celebrity gossip tabloid has run it back with installment #2, claiming not only that Jamie Lynn is pregnant, but had kept a secret and Casey Aldridge only learned about it through the subsequent media reports.

A close family member has supposedly revealed, anonymously of course, that the Spears family is up in arms. The denials are simply buying time, the source says.

“Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the pregnancy,” the family member told the Enquirer. “And she’s livid the news leaked out, especially during her book tour."

Follow the jump to continue reading this controversial account, which includes claims that Jamie Lynn is being pressured to have an abortion ...

"Lynne Spears doesn’t want to talk about it publicly until they sort this out. Jamie Lynn is being pressured by people very close to her to abort. But no decision has been made ... Casey Aldridge is furious," the source added. "Jamie Lynn hadn’t told him about the pregnancy. He learned about it in the media and then confronted her and she told him it was true. Lynne and Jamie Lynn have been arguing nonstop by phone.”

But no matter the turmoil that grips the troubled mother of three-month-old Maddie Briann Aldridge, one thing is for certain, the source maintains:

"If Jamie Lynn has this baby, you can be sure they will try to sell the official confirmation of the pregnancy to a magazine, as well as the baby photos."

Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly made $1 million selling the news of her first pregnancy and the baby photos to a celebrity news and gossip magazine OK!

Interestingly, the Enquirer claims Casey Aldridge attempted to sell his side of the story - that he never cheated on Jamie Lynn - for $100,000 last month.

The Enquirer, with "strong evidence" that he cheated on Jamie Lynn more than once (with Kelli Dawson, Whitney Seals and/or Andrea Revels) turned him down, and he made a deal with another magazine. That magazine, of course, was OK! with it.

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and I or GOD will NEVER turn our back on anyone no matter what is done we may not approve but thats all!!!!!!!!


All i got to say is be strong jamie, and dont let them pressure you to hurt something you hopefully love,and dont kill it please god put that baby in you for a reason and he loves you too!!!!no matter what happens, and no matter what he prefers you to do compared to what you do!


To Upskt Celebs -- how are these 2 sisters alike? Britney Spears had children with her HUSBAND when she was MARRIED. Jamie Lynn had it w/Casey as an unwed mother. How can you even compare these two situations? Get a life. I doubt your life is so perfect.


What? Well, I guess if Palin's people believe in unwed teens having babies, it's good for the rest of the country. At least until the bills start coming for taxpayers, when those good church people turn their backs on all those girls.


she refused to keep her legs closed cause if she does the checks will stop coming in...