Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again, Considering Abortion?

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Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant yet again, the National Enquirer is reporting exclusively today – and pals are begging her to have an abortion.

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    OMG! BUT i cant say its a surprise.She is such a slut but like she can get an abortion but uhhhhhhhhhhh this family is soooooooo dysfunctional.she already had a baby so wtf is wrong with this one?


    She is a fucking little dike slut!!!!! "oh fuckin boo whooooo I ACCIDENTLY got pregnant!!! God she makes me fuckin sick! Get a life u fuckin prick!!!!!


    Shame on all of you and this website. It's HER decision and hers only. If she is pregnant than that's her and her family's business. I'm sick of everyone's personal life being broadcasted to the world for them to be torn apart by judgemental people like yourselves and this poor excuse of a news website.


    heak dont have an abortion maddie wpuld not wont to be your dauter anymore i love how you handled the first one learn how to have sex without getting pregnant


    it's a poor little baby 4 crying out loud! dont kill him/her. if i were the baby i wouldnt want to someday relize that my mom was thinking about killing me! would u?! and not to be rude but this was all of ur faults. brittany's fault cause she is ur older sis and u should look up to her and ur mom for the same reason! and u 4 having a child in the 1st place! ur 17! u shouldnt have kids till ur at least 25 or maybe 21 if ur that mature!!! ahhh! ur family has sooo many issues! so does casey even though he's soo cute. he is very immature for doing this to u and making ur brain go all phsyco!


    Abortion used because u cant keep your legs together. Why should a kid be killed because of you slutting around--- sham on you. instead of screwing lets work on wedding plans.


    hey jammie you don't need to kill this baby just cuz everybody around you doesn't think you should give birth well give birth and give it up for adoption and that way you aren't taking life away from one of gods gifts i mean it wants to live life to the fullest and what kind of person would take that away from an unborn baby


    i m such a huge fan of u.i was at home when my cousin told me u were pregnant the first time.i couldn't sleep 4 days cuz u screwed up badly.dont make anymore kids ok.u're sister have 2 kids ,u jus had 2 go have 2 urself.though u're boyfriend is NOT NICE!!! u deserve better.& u kno what? u & sean flynn could have make a great couple


    aaaarrrrgggggg pregnant again r u sooo desperate to have sex . u shoud have used condoms.dont fuck anybody again


    ha..she has no right to get an abortion. she just cant control herself. she could always put the baby up for adoption..thats bettter than killing it.

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