Hugh Hefner Confused, Aroused by Karissa and Kristina Shannon

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Hugh Hefner has trouble recognizing women with their clothes on.

During a recent public appearance with new girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon, the Playboy founder looks utterly perplexed. And really short.

As Hef stares at Karissa (or Kristina), and Kristina (or Karissa) stands idly by, it's easy to forget that this guy is older than John McCain. Let's cut him some slack and remember:

Hefner typically only sees the backside of women in bed. He probably had no idea Karissa and Kristina were even twins.

Whoa, Twins!
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he'd be president


They look like they dressed for a Pentecostal convention with those white Eunice shoes, bouffant hair and polyester dress shoes! Maybe they were going to church - yeah, right....


This is a sad pic. look at the one on the right ,she looking like omg will this man get his hand off me !! Just my opinion


If Hef thought that having twins as girlfriends would over power Holly, Kendra & Bridget he was wrong. And where did he find these girls? Behind the hair bleach and make-up they still look like trailer park trash compared to the other girls. I am sorry Hef but they are not very attractive but thats just my opinion, you can do so much better!!!