Montag's "Heidiwood" Clothing Line Dumped

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We imagine Heidi Montag stomping around her apartment in clubbing makeup and high heels when she heard this news. Her clothing line, Heidiwood, will not be carried by its chief distributor, Anchor Blue, after her one-year contract expires.

It's not like Anchor Blue is going under, either - it's actually opening 10 new stores next year. They just don't want anything to do with Heidiwood.

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We really can't imagine why. No word on whether anyone else will carry that crap. Here's a picture of Heidi Montag in one of her "designs" ...

“We just felt that the one year was a great year for both of us, and we’re looking into other options,” an Anchor Blue spokeperson explained.

“We really found that we want to explore ... what style really means to our girl ... and that doesn’t necessarily mean a celebrity fashion brand. It really means fashion and comfort, and we can accomplish that with our own brand ... We’re going to take a completely new style direction and we’re very, very excited about it.”

This is so sad. Where will Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt ever make money now? Guess it's time for more staged photos and nightclub appearances.


hahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha IDIOT!!!


Her fashion line is such a joke. What is so special about a Zebra print tanktop and hoochie shorts? She wishes she could be half as good as Lauren. Lauren actually makes complex and beautiful designs for her clothing; not whore wear, as Heidi has done. I have a newly founded respect for Anchor Blue.


I thought Heidi said it was the #1 "celebrity" clothing line out there? What a shame, or sham!


That's karma for them talking smack about Lauren's line not selling well at Kitson.


they already make $65,000 per episode of the hills..who needs more money than that??

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