Hayden Panettiere is Asking You to Save the Whales

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Beautiful and driven actress Hayden Panettiere is begging you once again to save the whales. The Heroes star, 19, has made this cause one of her goals in life.

A year ago, Hayden went to Japan to try and stop the slaughter of some whales there. That effort ended with a violent protest and a warrant for her arrest.

This time around, Panettiere says she is going to go about things a little differently - by gathering 1,000,000 signatures for a Whaleman Foundation petition.

Here's Hayden Panettiere's plea for the whales ...


First of all Hayden dear, we're sick of seeing you everywhere. Second, yes, I agree we need to save whales but you're not going to succeed against another country--especially if Palin is elected as VP. She likes to shoot and kill things and is now encouraging young women to go out with guns and shoot animals. While you're at it, save the wolves too because Palin offered open season on them.


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