Gabriel Aubry: Pro Fatherhood, Anti Marriage

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Gabriel Aubry can't name the best part of being a father to daughter Nahla.

"I had no expectations so everything is a surprise," Aubry told Us Weekly about fatherhood. "There is no best part. Everything is amazing!"

Gabriel Aubry, Daughter

The boyfriend of Halle Berry isn't as keen on marriage, however. Sorry, Sarah Palin, but he doesn't see parenthood as a precursor to a wedding ceremony.

"We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really,” he said.


hi halle,
i am a big fan of you and i love the movie you play in called catwoman.


i love your shows and i think your daughter has a pretty name.


hi halle,
i am a big fan.i love all the shows you play are actually one of my favorite celebrities.i also think you are very pretty and i bet your daughter will be pretty.


Hopefully, Gabriel and Halle will realize how much they love each other, and that Nahla will thrive best in a stable, committed situation. I wish them all the very best, and am rooting for all three. C.


Too bad he doesn't believe in marriage. Take a look at the statistics, marriage is the best thing to ever happen to children. Although there are many cynics, married couples have far more success at raising well-adjusted children than co-habitating couples.


Poor Halle, coz she is black and he doesnt want o get into any commitment..poor thing!

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