Friend Denies Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant, Says People Not Having Sex at 16 are Just Ugly

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Ever since the National Enquirer reported it, celebrity gossip blogs have been abuzz over a family insider “confirming” Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again.

There are also rumors that Casey Aldridge can't keep it in his pants - electing to repeatedly rail Kelli Dawson and Whitney Seals. But that's beside the point.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

Anyway, “Diane,” a friend pictured with Jamie Lynn at Wal-Mart lately, is now speaking out, claiming Jamie Lynn is not knocked up with baby #2. She says:

I am the friend with Jamie Lynn Spears in these pictures and I was also the friend in the pictures that said we were leaving the crisis pregnancy center several months ago (when in all actuality we were leaving her OB-GYN who happens to have a sign in front of the office supporting the crisis pregnancy center).

Jamie Lynn is NOT pregnant and I wish everyone would stop being judgemental [sic]. If you weren’t having sex at 16 it probably means you were very unattractive. She just happened to get pregnant and did the right thing by not having an abortion. She is an exceptional mother and loves that baby with every fiber of her being.

As the paprazzi [sic] chased us through the store as we humbly tried to buy groceries for our families, she was not one bit worried about them getting pictures of her or what anyone would say about her, but she did not want them to exploit her child anymore than they already have. This girl has been through enough.

Please show a little compassion and back off. There was nothing exciting about our trip to wal mart, yet we were followed the entire time by 3 photographers. Stop supporting these idiots and make them get real jobs. Before you judge anyone else, I beg you to please try to imagine yourself in their situation.

Well, that about sums it up. Sorry, virginal teens. Guess you're ugly and no one wants to make the sex with you. Jamie Lynn, on the other hand, is the sister of Britney Spears, so her panties have been around her ankles 24-7. Inevitable.


" probably means you were very unattractive."
so that pretty girls are not virgin? LMAO. Maybe you are a lady who give your virginity to men easily because you are pretty??
I guess it's same like a floozy. LOL. I'm 16 and I want to do sex but after I get marriage.
Prolly i know why Jamie got a baby...
I think because she has a call girl such as you maybe..


who cares sex is the new trend some of us jus get caught


who cares sex is the new trend some of us jus get caught


my name is sasha and i had sex at age 14 with my boyfriend now fiance im 19 now and guess what we are still together its been 5yrs we do have a baby but i had my baby at 18 i think u should have sex when ur ready especially wit the right person and the one u LOVE its up to u to find ur other half but jaime should of known better than just to have sex wit out a condom wit a guy that they were giong out for less than 2yrs but i already been there but not as young and not as fast wit a guy i hope her the best and there sayin that shes prego again WTF if it is true now shes just askin for babys if it happends once u should learn ur lesson and dont make it again unless ur ready for it well EVERYONE makes mistakes and girls that dont wanna have sex good for u dont do anything till ur ready


hi jamie is nice pretty.. so.. I am hard of deaf...


I wear a purity ring, and i really dont appreciate being called ugly.


Ok, first off this whole story seems bogus. the lady isn't "pictured" with jamie lynn, she's in the background passing by. she seems too old to be a friend of jamie lynn's anyway. and as for the whole "if you're not having sex by 16 you're ugly thing" ... nope we're RESPONSIBLE don't get me wrong i'm completely ok with other people doing what they want but i believe in chastity until marriage, and my FIANCE of two years agrees with me


you see sex isnt as bad asa people make it out to be yeah sure there is consequences on having a baby but that is the choice that you get when you spread your legs and dont use a condom i have sex all the time with condoms of course and it is an amazing experience when you do it with the right person and my boyfrined and i have been together for over 4 years so dont rush into it but dont make big deal like jessica is


It's true that kids are having sex earlier and earlier, but just because someone chooses not to doesnt make them unattractive. I think it's your decision and people shouldn't be mean towards the people that think differently than they do.


yes most people do lose their virginity around that time but the ones that don't doesn't mean they are means they don't want to and are scared of the consequences or don't give into their partners peer pressure

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Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant? Ding dang it y'all! Jamie Lynn Spears went and got cute little ass pregnant at a mere 16 years of age. The father is some guy named Casey... More »
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