Friend Denies Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant, Says People Not Having Sex at 16 are Just Ugly

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Ever since the National Enquirer reported it, celebrity gossip blogs have been abuzz over a family insider “confirming” Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again.

There are also rumors that Casey Aldridge can't keep it in his pants - electing to repeatedly rail Kelli Dawson and Whitney Seals. But that's beside the point.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

Anyway, “Diane,” a friend pictured with Jamie Lynn at Wal-Mart lately, is now speaking out, claiming Jamie Lynn is not knocked up with baby #2. She says:

I am the friend with Jamie Lynn Spears in these pictures and I was also the friend in the pictures that said we were leaving the crisis pregnancy center several months ago (when in all actuality we were leaving her OB-GYN who happens to have a sign in front of the office supporting the crisis pregnancy center).

Jamie Lynn is NOT pregnant and I wish everyone would stop being judgemental [sic]. If you weren’t having sex at 16 it probably means you were very unattractive. She just happened to get pregnant and did the right thing by not having an abortion. She is an exceptional mother and loves that baby with every fiber of her being.

As the paprazzi [sic] chased us through the store as we humbly tried to buy groceries for our families, she was not one bit worried about them getting pictures of her or what anyone would say about her, but she did not want them to exploit her child anymore than they already have. This girl has been through enough.

Please show a little compassion and back off. There was nothing exciting about our trip to wal mart, yet we were followed the entire time by 3 photographers. Stop supporting these idiots and make them get real jobs. Before you judge anyone else, I beg you to please try to imagine yourself in their situation.

Well, that about sums it up. Sorry, virginal teens. Guess you're ugly and no one wants to make the sex with you. Jamie Lynn, on the other hand, is the sister of Britney Spears, so her panties have been around her ankles 24-7. Inevitable.


omg that girl is very stupid for saying if u havent had sex at 16 your ugly! thats soooo not true! sex doesnt make u uglier or prettier! tht girl doesnt know wat shes talking about! everyone has sex wen they think they are ready and if u feel at 16 that your not ready its fine, it doesnt make u ugly ! why would jamie even be friends with someone like that.


i still love jamie lynn spears even if she gets pregnant again and i'm her biggest fan! she is very talented in zoey 101 and she sang the theme song of zoey 101 and she did an awesome job! she is a great mother for maddie. maddie is beautiful and really adorable i know shes gotten her looks from jamie! i know britney and jamie have made mistakes but i'm sure they have learned from them and have become much more responsible and i love them both !


You know what, just because people aren't having sex at 16 does NOT mean they are unattractive. I am 16 and I'm still a virgin because I chose to be not because I'm not good looking. That woman is stupid for saying that.


have u studied girl? doesnt mean that girls that r virgins at 16 are unattractive, but they just HAVE GOOD MORAL!! and where did that conclusion came from? im so lucky i live in the east than the west! pervs! LOL!


I am 15 years old,
nearly 16. I am waiting till i get marriage before i have sex. I may be ugly, but it isnt nice.
Like jordin sparks said just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody - guy or girl - wants to be a slut"


i also think that just becouse its the trend, just becouse its old fashioned does it make it right? to tell you the truth i dont think so but like evryone else said everybody has there differnt point in view bout it, and when people have sex (espically alot) getting pregnant isnt the worse consiquince getting a diseased passed along is way worse 2 tell you the truth,and the younger ppl have sex the more chance of getting the disease!


ok first of all i agree with Jessica and just becouse u dont have sex with somone it doesnt mean ur unattractive somebody can be attracted o you but not want to have sex with you.but personaly we should all stop arguing becouse everyone has there idea of when u should have sex and its not like anybody inline can change eachothers minds so whats the point?


K hello i am Destiny and indeed i am young i am 11 years old and have been with 1 guy (as a bf ) for 5 years and i am so religious and i believe u should save ur self for marrage but all of u that didnt i wish u luck and plz plz be safe I LOVE U all u r like sisters to me in gods eyes and i hope u take ur relationship slow and that comment that her friend said "well girls let me tell u this much let her think what she wants to think and let us believe wat we want to cause god loves us equally and i still think they should cut poor Lynn some slack.) Also in the bible doesnt say thou shalt not judge. and Thou shalt not committ adultry(Aldridge) i am a dislexic girl with straight A and i am a sweet popular girl and i am gonna be a virgin till marriage and i hope u will too
Thank you


she looks to old to be jamies friend "diane" must have been a virgin at


that is the stupidest comment ive ever heard by ne one!lmao! yea the ones who arent having sex might be unattractive but at least they arent stupid enough to get pregnant by some cheating idiot. and by the way "diane" great message to send to jamie's fans and their parents...shows how much she loves em...i agree with "hairstylist7"

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