Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tries, Fails to Defend Sarah Palin

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You gotta hand it to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

On The View today, the resident conservative hot mess at least gave it the ol' college try, attempting to explain why Sarah Palin is qualified to be U.S. President.

Sarah Palin in NYC

Unfortunately, that's more than an ambitious task, it's impossible, as the clip below shows. Too bad she couldn't pull a Tina Fey and ask for a lifeline at the end.



In response to the post by lauren, they already did have another bush lover on the show. Rosie O'donnell. ZING!!! Sorry, couldnt resist that one.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a complete joke just like Sarah Palin is. She watches Fox News the night before and then tries bring up what that news station says as legitimate facts. She is the most uninformed, unintelligent person that has ever been on that show and does not represent her side (the conservatives) in a rational way. At least Whoopi and Joy defend their liberal views with evidence and will sometimes concede that the other side may have a point on a particular issue. Hasselbeck never says anything good about the Democrats (even when they are right on an issue) which shows her immaturity.


How does this make Hasselbeck look like an idiot? Like most shows stacked with a liberal agenda, they ask her a question and then talk over her when they don't like her answers. And she's the only conservative on the darn show! It must be a little tiring for her to always have to explain herself while the say "Go Obama" and get cheers from the peanut gallery. Give me a break. Talk about playing to the audience in NY, where practically all the electorate are Democrats. And then Barbara asking Elisabeth to concede a point at the end? As if her opinion is wrong because she disagrees with the panel. Ridiculous. This is why the show loses ratings. How about a little BALANCE. Get a few independants up there, a hippie earth-lover...if EH leaves they should try to make it more interesting and not one-sided.


OMG I love that Post Turtle thing. I totally agree. As a woman I am pleased to see women excel in any career. But I think Palin is the wrong woman to be running with John. I am tired of other women defending her when she is wrong. Just because she is a woman does not excuse her lack of knowledge. Her experience or lack of is not the problem. It is that she does not know what she is talking about. Her double talk and sound bits can not cover this fact up. McCain make a mistake in his choice.. He knows it. I wonder why he did it, and who pressured him. Her folksy manner does not endear her to me at all. She answered few questions during the debate. She talked and talked and few or her statements made sense. John.. You did yourself in.


She is a bimbo, and we do not need to be exposed to the "Views" of an unintelligent, empty headed young girl who mispresents the best that 20 somethings are capable of in this country. Goodbye Hasselbeck ~


hope the family of elizabeth it well not come the same happen the family of palin.


Not fair at all, you have two african-americans and two senior citizens against you, you better walk away... you can not argue with bitter bitches.


Do you people have cloth ears???? She gave at least three very good reasons why she thought Sarah Palin would make a good president. While you think they might not be good reasons please don't lie and say she did not answer the question! Are you mentally challenged or deaf? Did you not hear her response?


Elizabeth is as dumb as Palin herself!!!
This bitch couldn't even answer Barbara's question about how Palin could make a good president....She tried to deflect the question by saying, "what about Barack?" She sounds just like Palin when Katie Couric asked her "what newspaper do you read?"
I like E-Hass, I think she's hot but intellectually she brings nothing to the table. Republicans can do no wrong....not even dumb ass Palin.
As far as the debate.....all Joe Biden has to say is "Hi my name is Joe Biden, thank you good night!" and Palin will hang herself!



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