Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tries, Fails to Defend Sarah Palin

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You gotta hand it to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

On The View today, the resident conservative hot mess at least gave it the ol' college try, attempting to explain why Sarah Palin is qualified to be U.S. President.

Sarah Palin in NYC

Unfortunately, that's more than an ambitious task, it's impossible, as the clip below shows. Too bad she couldn't pull a Tina Fey and ask for a lifeline at the end.



Elizabeth is just as whinny and stupid as Sarah Palin.
Get her off The View. I can't stand her voice and personality. She does nothing for the show. She is a complete turn-off.


Liz Your fighting a lossing battle , with four on there for Obama.. but hang in there liz , Im with you


Right from the get-go, the only reason I could figure McCain choose Palin, because it surely could not be for her qualifications, was for oil. The Republicans want to drill in Alaska, the last Pristine Frontier, and she is a connection for that, so is her husband. That is it. Look to Bush and his kind, to be behind this, and beware. We are in Iraq because of Oil Interests and Alaska and Palin are a piece of cake in comparison. The old Rich want to become Richer and thus more powerful. They will suck the oil out and leave a mess for future generations, while padding the Oil Companies pockets for years and years and years.
The only worse pick McCain had was that yellow backed, brown nosed, turncoat, Benedict Arnold, named Joe Liberman, who is still hanging on to McCain like a leeche. What a puke!


Senator McCain has put people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck in an impossible situation with his irresponsible pick of an unqualified and uninformed VP candidate. There were many great GOP women to choose from. All of them accomplished, intelligent and experienced, but instead he chose Sarah Palin. Has anyone from the GOP camp asked why? It is impossible to defend her with logic and so illogical, emotional defense is all that is left.


For years African Americans were acused of overlooking the faults of other african americans no matter how unqualified or wrong the african american in question might be. Nice to see republican white women doing exactlly what they accused african americans of. I'm sure there are intelligent qualified women who could have been on the republican ticket. Sarah palin is not one of them. By the way we still don't know what her threshold for nuclear weapons use is. She never did answer the question.


Elizabeth is a complete idiot,how she can compare McCain's ice princess to Michelle Obama ,Michelle is a lady of class just like her husband Barack,nobody knows anything about the wining ice princess


I don't usually watch "The View" and now I know why. This is just another attempt from the Main Stream Media to propagate its own will onto the American Public. They will not simply discuss the topics respectfully but instead enter into an all out verbal battle where the "liberals"/"Obama Lovers" have been given the numbers to put down any other views. They have the biggest mouths and the least respect for any other view and will not allow it to be voiced because it just might make sense and expose Obama for who he really is.
Wake up America McCain/Palin might not be the greatest choice but it far exceeds the alternative.


Thank god there is at least one intelligent woman on the View. I applaud Elizabeth for speaking her mind, unfortunately she is surrounded by ignorant, one sided lefties and she can't get a word in edge wise. I really hope the American people take a look at the actual FACTS and not get duped by Obama's eloquence. Bottom line he does not have a proven track record of getting anything done in Washington. He’s just a bunch of fluff.


Hooray for Elizabeth! I would like to see the other panelist give her the respect that she gives them and not interrupt every time she tries to speak! This show is so very biasted toward the Democrats. The way she is treated on this show is deplorable.


KUODOS TO ELIZABETH HASSELBECK - I,too wish there would be
another Republican on the show - she represents all the
republican women in the states - I admire her stamina for
what she believes is right (and I agree with her more than
I do the other 4)Just stand tall for what you believe, Elizabeth, and don't let others walk on you - you are smart,very well educated, and I think you are definitely going places in this world...

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