Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Campaign with Sarah Palin

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With all those crazy liberals she works with, The View's resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't get a word in edgewise on her own talk show.

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    I think it's so typical of Elisabeth...say and do anything to get attention. She and gov. Palin will just say the men are being sexist, that argument don't fly because Sarah Palin is the Republicans VP nominee...you can't keep hollering sexism when things don't go your way...it gets old!


    Only a dumb blonde like Hasselback would give her vote to McCain and Sarah Palin. Go figure. What a great campaign endorsement!


    Yeah, that's all I need...TWO women who spend more in two weeks on clothing than I make in SIX years! *sheesh*


    Rachel of course he has no sense. He thought getting a Latino Singer out by the name of Daddy Yankee was a big endorsement. He's an idiot and that just shows how much he cares about the minority just enough to take advantage of them. Tomorrow Barney will join them all on the campaign trail


    Now asked yourself this question out loud. Why would three intelligent women want to spend time with Sarah Palin? She's Dumb that’s why Elizabeth Hasselback wants to spend time with her...Birds of a feather flock together LOL Jan why dont you join them as well.


    Great, just what you republicans needed, hasselback campaigning with Sarah Palin. Another drag that will affect the republican ticket. Keep up the good work; you guys really know how to lose an election. Just put two stupid broads on the campaign trail, using ghetto terms such as you betcha, joe six pack, hockey mom, gunna, aint, yall folk, pro america and you are dam sure to blow this race.


    Whoopie, Joy, Sheri, and Barbara never give Elisabeth a chance to say what she thinks about anything! They're too busy running their liberal mouths. I think it's great that Elisabeth is getting to spend time with Sarah Palin -- that's an honor the others will never get.


    Joy Behar is a disgrace in my opinion with her liberal views. Elizabeth can not get a word in. I think it is a good thing she is campainging with Palin. I quit watching The View because of Behar, she is mean, mean.


    Is this a joke? No, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a joke. I had to google to see who she is. She's a reality show contestant for goodness sake. So why is she stumping? Oh, yeah. She is good at mouthing the McCain rhetoric. LOL How embarrassing is this for the Republican Party? Obama stumps with Hillary Clinton and Palin stumps with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. LOL McCain – have you no sense of pride left? LOL

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