Elisabeth Hasselbeck: The Greatest Hits Collection

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You gotta love Elisabeth Hasselbeck. From an entertainment standpoint, at least.

Whether she's hating on abortion or the morning after pill, promoting the war Iraq, or telling people when they can and can't use the n-word, The View's resident blonde, conservative motormouth never shies away from voicing her opinions.

Tim Hasselbeck, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Debate over the presidential election is heating up and Elisabeth sparred again with her co-hosts over Barack Obama's ties to Bill Ayers again yesterday.

Take a look at the clip below, then follow the jump for many more classic, often inflammatory Elisabeth Hasselbeck videos, past and present!


There's plenty more neo-conservative rage where this came from:

The Wrath of Sherri Shepherd: Elisabeth gets her co-host Sherri Shepherd so riled up that Bawbwa had to intervene before she got smacked ...


Defending Sarah Palin: Think of it like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, only even funnier and far less believable...


That Crazy N-Word: Hasselbeck gets so exasperated in debate about the use of the "n-word" that she has an epic meltdown on the air...


Whoopi For War: Elisabeth is backin' the occupation of Iraq all the way ...


Cat Fight of the Decade: In probably the best clip from The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O'Donnell nearly come to blows in May '07 ...


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