Elisabeth Hasselbeck Incurs Wrath of Sherri Shepherd

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Just a typical day on The View.

Barbara Walters wasn't pronouncing the letter R, Whoopi Goldberg sounded surprisingly level-headed, and best of all, Elisabeth Hasselbeck incurred the rage of Sherri Shepherd when she went on her latest diatribe against Barack Obama.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck at Fashion Week

At least that went better than her defending Sarah Palin.


FAMILIAR VIEW: In an election year with her beloved party's approval ratings in the toilet, Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes another beating - almost literally - on The View.


Woo Says:
October 8th, 2008 10:31 AM
I wish I could say she'll get the last laugh when Obama makes a joke out of the presidency, but it won't be funny at all. Ohhhh.... You mean the same way George Bush has, nah I don't think anyone can top that act.


I can't understand why the View would take valuable time & have it wasted on Elizabeth who always has a one-sided rubber stamp for her ultra conservative views. She shamelessly exhibits her arrogance. I was offended she was allowed to wear the McCain shirt just another way to show her contempt for Obama that is breathhtakingly ugly. She will say anything any chance she can, against Obama, she's out of control, shows no partially is not ever objective she is a motormouth,trash talking despicable another Ann Coulter, Rush,Bill, Dr. Dobson,Hannity. Why doesn't she go to Fox they all have the same beliefs,ego & loud mouths she would fit right in.


eliz. may be right in some of what she says, but she is so condecending and self righteous it is hard to listen and watch her. i think it is time she left the show. maybe she can hook up with sarah palin, perhaps as a shopper of clothes, maybe she can find some bargains for her like she found for whoppie. it will be cheaper than sarah is spending now and will keep eliz.busy.




I was such a strong supporter of the View. However, I cannot continue to support this show as long as there are people "Elisabeth" with such "Lack of knowledge and so much ignorances" continuing to inflict such garbage to people of our society. As I encourage everyone that I know to "DON'T WATCH THE VIEW", I would just like to say, sorry!


Elisabeth is no longer a member of THE VIEW family. She has become a pundit for McCain--and not a very bright one in that she spews the biased rhetoric of the shallow Hannity. When others attempt to veer to other topics, Elisabeth persists in attacking Obama. During "Hot Topics," it seems as if she's been programmed to denigrate Obama’s character relentlessly and vehemently come hell or high water. Only commercial breaks or the appearance of guests curtail or end her assaults. I find Elisabeth's behavior so despicable that I frequently can barely make it through the "Hot Topics" section of the program—often I don't.


I do not feel sorry for Elisabeth she starts every fight she is getting... If you talk about red and yellow somehow she goes so far off in another direction to say you hate blue when you are not even talking about blue?? She is so extreme in every subject she has... She wants to sound smarter than everyone and wants to make something out of nothing most of the time... It's so nutz for me when she goes off on a subject I have to turn the channel.. I have no clue who feels sorry for her?? She starts it all the time... but her extreme views and I am not sure how long I can watch the view with her on it... It's simply quite amazing... I wish Barbara would step in more... I don't think the other girls always are right all the time either but at least the have room in their head for other views and not just there view.. Elisabeth feels it's only her view that is right and there is not room for anything else...


Ms. Hasselbeck is constantly being interrupted, the other women shout over her, and it appears only one "view" is acceptable when it comes to politics. Ms. Walters recently admonished both presidential candidates to stop the "smear" tactics; when in fact Ms. Walters should begin with her own house-THE VIEW.


I have to admit, I am no fan of Elizabeth's, but I'm starting to feel sorry for her. The View has become so one sided that it is becoming boring and pathetic. Elizabeth never get's to finish a sentence before they pounce on her and then Barbara puts her hand up in front of Elizabeth's mouth as if to scold her for her "view".
And, what's with Sherri all of a sudden thinking she is intelligent. I'd like to know who is tutoring her in current events because it isn't working. When she first started the show all she knew how to do was babble and claim that the earth was flat, duh!.
I went back to watching the show when I heard Whoopi was going to be on, but even she has gone over to the "dark" (Barbara Walter’s) side. No pun intended.
Shame on you Barbara for not being able to maintain control over “all� your employees.


I quit watching The View quite a while ago because of the extreme bias on politics. Every time that Elizabeth tries to make a point she is blasted down by Whoopie, Sherrie and Joy. At least in the past Barbara used to keep a little control on the conversations. But this is getting ridiculous.
If I were Elizabeth I don't think that I could sit there and take the abuse that they dish out to her. I think it's interesting that they are allowed to express their opinion without being interupted, but Elizabeth is not even given the respect of getting a full sentence out. Shame on you Barbara and the rest of the View participants. I have lost any respect that I may have had for you. I thought that the View was supposed to be all about giving more than one "view" of topics, guess I was wrong.
Elizabeth, keep strong and continue to voice your beliefs.
There are many out here who are listening and agree with you.

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