Dina and Ali Lohan Dress Up, Look Miserable

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Dina Lohan and Ali Lohan got dressed up - sort of - for a Halloween costume party earlier this week.

Mother and daughter look absolutely thrilled to be photographed, don't they?

Perhaps the pressure of being talentless, famous and annoying is finally getting to these two. Ali needs to find her own Samantha Ronson, while Dina needs to find a way to slip into a coma.


what is ali wearing?


I hate the Lohan`s family members.They dunno how 2 take care of themselves and try 2 be good.


Don't be jealous,losers.


They're in front of an advertisment for dog food. How appropriate.


"...talentless, famous and annoying" -- Nasty, but oh so true. Whatever happened to Ali's next single, and album. They seem to have dropped off the face of the earth -- perhaps because of the reception her first single, which also dropped off the face of the earth... Living Lohan may end up becoming an ironic document -- the "Making of" documentary about how a star wasn't born.

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