Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas Totally Make Out!

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Danielle Deleasa isn't exactly a celebrity.

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    Hello i'm your bigest fan. you are going out with some one beautiful any way can you add me on msn and facebook my name is hannah the same as the girl send you messge but I'm not her any way hope you stay with her for ever lol i'm so happy for you i got a oy friend he realy cute and hopefuly me and him will be happy. i can't wait for easter well it's tomorrow i've got 8 easter eggs and i can't wait to eat them aywayhope you have tomorrow for easter and chat tomorrow on faceboo when you get this and may be we will be the best of friends any way say t your girl friend she realy beautiful and give her my addy for sn and facebook ok i got brown hair with a pink teashirt ok chat soon

    p.s you rock :)(: lol


    hi im your bigest fan you rock. i can't belive you going out with Danielle she is realy beautiful tell her to add me and tell her i said she beautiful any way add me on msn my addy is HannahLouiseEdwards@hotmail.co.uk And on facebook aswell i got dark hair with a pink and black teashirt you will find me any way chat soon byexx


    no they are a goo couple but i hope when they have children (i hope later in life they are too young) it doesnt interfer with the band


    OMG this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
    she is just right for him.
    i am a big fan of the Jonas brothers so this should be great.


    Also SUCK IT UP, NO!! HES FLIPPIN 21 THAT SO FLIPPIN YOUNG HE HAS GONE NUTTY IN THE HEAD, well actually he was already nutty!!! Its disgusting and STUPID what he is doing HE NEEDS TO get a slap in the FACE, A WAKE UP CALL, SOMETHING TO WAKE HIM UP. It may be all cute and sweet but think about it, if they have children this year or in 1 or 2 years his son is 14 he is in his early 30's!!! AND, this will be a good heading KEVIN JONAS LOST HIS VIRGINTY AT 23, or 22 or 21!!! thats a ggood reputation, he is young and dumb, taking it too fast before you know it KEVIN IS A FATHER or broken up. 1. waste of money, 2. TOO YOUNG. 3. Losing his virginity at young age, wow and last but not LEAST NO girlfriend and another god heading KEVIN AND WATEVA WHO SHE IS DIVORCED. Thats a good sound and rep for him!


    THEY R BOTH MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!! idiot and idiot what a beautiful dumb couple and hopefully dim-witted children next, IT MAKES ME SICK IN THE STOMACH!!!! Y WUD ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM, (HURL) good luck YOU'LL NEED IT!




    omg i love kevin so flippin much and danielle is lucky to get such a loving guy like him. i love joe and nick to but i think kevin needs some more attention than he gets but i still love them all. congrats on spending ur life together. fyi this picures looks so cute


    I for on thing thinxk that for them it's so cute and very romantic if kevin is happy and along with the rest of them(nick and joe) them I'm up for anything that he desires. And if he and his fiancé are happy together then I'm happy to plus I still love the jonas brothers for ever and EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for all those ppl who don't like what he's doing then ur all going to see thats it's the kevin that we know and love so deal with it their going to get married no matter what you say or do their going to live happily ever after no matter what. And the up side to them getting married they may have kids and who wouldn't want a little mini jonas rockstar running around in diapers doing what his father is doing I think we would all love a mini jonas. So suck it up it's cute and romantic for what their doing SUCK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


    I am so happy for kevin.
    if he's really and truly in love with danielle all that matters is that he's happy.

    I love yo so much kevin

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