Courtenay Semel Pleads Guilty to Battery Charge

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Desperate to wrest attention away from girl-on-girl action stars Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, LiLo's possible ex, Courtenay Semel, turned up today!

In front of a judge, that is.

Semel officially pleaded guilty in Las Vegas, Nev., to charges of misdemeanor battery. She was given a lenient fine and will have to pay just $250. Lame.

The daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel allegedly smacked up a security guard at Pure nightclub in Vegas after a wild and crazy night out in August.

K-Fed would surely disapprove of her shenanigans at his favorite haunt.

This is the hottest photo of Courtenay Semel in existence, which says a lot.

In truth, the unattractive girlfriend of Tila Tequila actually tried to attract as little attention as possible when she arrived at the courthouse today.

Courtenay Semel used none other than O.J. Simpson as a diversion - the murderer was about to show up for his most recent kidnapping trial and caused a media circus at the front door, allowing Semel to sneak in the back undetected.

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