Clash of the Cleavage: Elizabeth Hurley vs. Christina Aguilera

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Elizabeth Hurley and Christina Aguilera are both talented, beautiful celebrities.

We don't mean to judge either for her enormous breasts... but we've been given no choice!

Madrid Premiere Pic

Hurley and Aguilera were spotted out this week, sporting outfits that must have made babies across the country drool. Was there a push-up bra sale at Victoria's Secret?

Whose cleavage is more impressive?


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Christine Aguilera cannot hold a candle to Elizabeth Hurley. Like Christina, most women shouldn't be compared to Ms. Hurley, they can only be made into laughing stocks this way. Elizabeth Hurley is a Goddess.


I can't believe you neglected Christina Hendricks from this "talent" contest?!? She makes these girls look like....GIRLS!