Carrie Underwood and Travis Stork: Going Strong!

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American Idol winner / country crooner Carrie Underwood and former star of The Bachelor Travis Stork are still going strong, according to reports.

We're not sure if this is good news or bad. We have nothing against the Stork ... not more than we have against anyone who dates Carrie, that is.

So we guess it's okay. But you be better be good to Carrie Underwood, Travis, or we will be forced to end you. Consider yourself on notice, doc.

According to celebrity news magazine Life & Style, the reality TV couple were seen cozying up at Parc restaurant in Philadelphia on October 20.

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“They came in around 8 p.m.,” an insider said. "Carrie, a vegetarian, began with the ravioli and the beet salad and then had an omelet for her entrée."

“They ordered a bottle of Malbec and two bottles of Evian water. There was definitely some hand-holding and petting. They even toasted with their wine.”

Ooh, toasting and petting! Get a room, you two!

Carrie Underwood and Travis Stork broke away from each other to join in on a celebration at a nearby table, though. That is, until something came up.

“There was another customer who was celebrating her birthday,” says the insider, “and Carrie joined in and sang ‘Happy Birthday!’”

Earlier this month, the handsome Travis was first linked romantically to Carrie and accompanied her during the recent leg of her Carnival Ride tour.


I oNly want to say , dont listen to gossi cos it only lead one to destruction if u love travis as they claim u are then go for him cos u both deserves each other thanks.


maybe this one will know how to treat her right...maybe he's a "real" man and doesnt want to play games. i think he's cute and very masculine which is a plus...thats so sexy. i wish carrie luck with everything she's so beautifull she deserves to be appreciated..obviously tony and chace didn't know how to kepp her and thats why romo downgraded and went for the trashy has been jessica is the masculine one in that relationship!!....


Good for Carrie! Smart, attractive, good career, mature!! Can't get any better, very good match. Have fun kids!

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