Audrina Patridge Defends Feelings, Lack of Blogging

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It's been months since Audrina Patridge has blogged on her official site, but she has come back to the celebrity gossip world with a vengeance.

“I’m a real girl, with a real busy schedule. Please don’t get all pissy with me because I can’t keep on top of my MySpace ... I like to personally manage it, so it takes me a while,” writes The Hills star regarding her lack of blogging.

Well, okay then.

Single Audrina

As for the war of words intensifying between Audrina and Lauren Conrad over an alleged hookup between LC and Patridge’s on-again, off-again loser boyfriend Justin-Bobby, Patridge is even more fired up about defending herself.

She could blog more, but Audrina Patridge instead prefers to spend her time in the pool or hang out with tattooed sister Casey Patridge. Sometimes both!

“I just wanted to say thank you to the fans who are taking a step back from all their pre conceived notions and looking at this whole rumor situation from all angles. There are a lot of things you guys don’t get to see,” writes Audrina Patridge.

“But we have real feelings and these are all real situations that we have to deal with, not only amongst ourselves but with the entire world watching us, and judging... I have a lot I need to get off my chest lately, as there are a lot of false and malicious things being said about me. So I’ll be posting often.”

For those who missed it, she also spoke on Ellen about the Justin-Bobby rumors.


I agree wholeheartedly with the first comment. Who is looking after her baby whilst she is out partying and flaunting herself. Not a good role model............


These two girls are so beauTiful. I love how Many fans can really piss off a loser -old X wanna be -dirty old wanna be ----DAddy ---LOL --GAGA GOO GOO. Audrina and kc are the best I love it ...... Sadie too....xoxoxoxo ps justin has more class in his little pinky than most who are boasting from the hills. Audrina and Justin are beautiful.


She always looks irritating, pissy and dirty scumbag.


That ho needs to spend more time with her kid instead of partying with Audrina all the time

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