Audrina Patridge Speaks on LC / Justin-Bobby Rumors

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Audrina Patridge says she has yet to get any answers from Lauren Conrad or the great Justin "Bobby" Brescia about recent rumors that they hooked up.

"She hung up on me and that was my way of making an effort and asking her," Patridge recalled on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I've never accused anymore. I just straight out asked if they did it or not. I don't know what to believe."

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Although Lauren Conrad denied any fling, Justin-Bobby "kind of avoided the whole question and turned it back on me, like typical guy," Audrina said.

Watch Audrina's interview - with DeGeneres holding up flash cards with The Hills cast members' faces so the audience doesn't get confused - below:


Funny stuff. Follow the jump for a second clip of Ellen sending Audrina Patridge (and her presumably fake boobs) into a dunk tank for charity:


We bet rumored new boyfriend Josh Christopher - who was last seen with Audrina in a bikini over the weekend - enjoyed this clip immensely.


that is totally rubbish!! oh come on audrina we knw your still in love with bobby... move on! youre so beautiful dont be stupids,,


Sara - I couldn't have said better myself - we are reading from the same hymn sheet!


And God, this is why young girls starve themselves. I never noticed how skinny Audrina was. On the show, she looked a lot healthier. She is disgustingly skinny here. You can see her bones.


Audrina said that Justin and Lauren flirted in the past. WHEN? From what they showed on The Hills, Lauren hated Justin from day 1 for his obnoxious behavior and lack of manners. Audrina, wake up! You are the only woman in this world capable of finding Justin attractive! No other self-respecting woman would touch that thing. Burping in your face, yeah, I'm sure Lauren would REALLY go for that! And, you don't know what to believe? Lauren told you she didn't do it and you didn't believe her. It's BS that you say she hung up on you. She probably hung up on you after trying to explain herself to you and getting nowhere. God. Wake up and smell the Folger's coffee!


Love you Audrina You are so honest and loved Ellen Show. Im glad you trust Lauren, We hate these hard times but they help you grow and stay strong.


This "rumor" is such a joke! Audrina must be REALLY insecure if she believes it. While I wouldn't put it past Justin to try and sleep with all of Audrina's friends, I really don't think Lauren would ever be desperate enough to hook up with a complete loser like Justin.


I like Audrina. I think she has fake boobs though lol. The rumor about Lauren and Justin Bobby is rubbish!!! He was always horrible to her they weren't friends at all!! It's just some stupid rumor.


She just needs to be dumped off! The world will be a better place without her!


Audrina is the most irritating idiot on this eartgh..shes only fit to be traeted cheap like Justin bobby does to her..Iam sure he spits on her..shes looks like that...

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