Andy Roddick: Nude Tennis For Sale

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For a good cause, of course. Not just for Brooklyn Decker.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sir Elton John hosted his 16th Annual Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits event over the weekend, with the goal of helping out people with AIDS in Atlanta and surrounding communities in Georgia.

Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick's Wife

Several stars and tennis legends were there, including former U.S. Open champ and current hunk Andy Roddick, who went well beyond the call of duty to help.

A-Rodd originally was going to auction a private, hour-long tennis lesson to the highest bidder. Then he offered to take off his shirt for a little "one-on-one instruction."

Keep your pants on, ladies, the best is still to come.

Finally, the recently engaged Roddick offered to give a private lesson - fully nude! The winning bid of $15,000 came from a female fan.

How much would you pay to see A-Rodd nude?


Tim gunn pays a latin man $200 to spy outside Anderson Cooper's apartment every day


Tim Gunn tells everyone about the man he is obsessed with!The man tells Tim last time he "BUMPED INTO" him, my gf would kill me if I gave you my new cell number. Tim is a well known liar! My bf and I went to a party a little bit ago. He lied he dates Anderson Cooper and is getting so so serious with him. We know Cooper would never be caught in the same room with Tim!


WOW. The weird version I heard of this rumor from a man at Bravo was Tim receives naughty text messages from Andy Roddick while he is filming both his shows, giggles and blushes!!!!! Tim wants to start live blogging on future episodes of Project Runway and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style like an aftershow forum where he can pretend to read viewer comments and secretly text Andy as part of the new contract with Lifetime. Yeah, heard Andy is in charge of setting up the table and decorating it for the holidays. Andy says he only wants to spend time with Tim.


Andy is so gay. A few of my buddies saw him with Tim Gunn at the deli out on Broadway this week. They bought 3 slices of cake and a large order for their pre Thanksgiving party. Andy begged Tim to buy him a pastrami sandwich to go.Tim is cracked over a man who quit using him for sex to get serious with a girl who used to date Andy who Andy is still in love with. Crazy huh, the two losers are in love with people who didn't care about them. For the record, Andy, stop telling your boyfriend Tim that Matthew McConaughey is gay. You make that up about other good people because you can't handle your own sexuality. They took a taxi back to their apartment and Tim bought him a special boyfriend meal. Tim is going to Andy's Florida charity. They want to spend Xmas together in NYC. AWWW!


I heard from my coworkers that Andy dates Tim Gunn. If that's true, his taste in men sucks. Pun intendd. ;)


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Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker
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