Yes, Lindsay Lohan is Dating Samantha Ronson

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This isn't exactly breaking celebrity news at this point.

But Lindsay Lohan confirmed her relationship with Samantha Ronson for the first time during a radio interview last night.


Asked by Loveline co-host Ted Stryker how long she's been "going out" with Ronson, Lohan laughed and responded: "A very long time."

And there you go, folks.


I just love Sam. I want a Sam of my own. she's so intelligent and caring, and can even play a guitar and sing. the capper to the whole package that is Sam- is she has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen, plus eyebrows that looks like exclaimation marks to her beautiful face. Please Lindsay don't break sweet Sam's heart.


GODDD look at lindsey's thighs. she should really work on that


Liebe Jungs und Mädels. Entweder ist das hier ne schlechte Übersetzung oder wie auch immer....
Ihr wisst schon, dass im amerikanischen Englische "to go out with someone" gleichzusetzen ist mit "ich bin mit jemandem zusammen".... Nur so als Randbemwrkung


I'm sorry I don't think that radio interview confirms LiLo is gay. She actaully laughs when the person asked her the questions, which I took as she was almost jacking around. I mean honestly "going out", what grade are we in? What does that even mean. My girls and I are going out this weekend and we are all straight. I think that honestly LiLo is riding this for attention and maybe she finds it funny. http://bthegossipgirl.[


The straightest man in the world says it's okay to be gay! Go Lindsay & Sam!


Someone needs to blow this s--- out of the water! Sam is going to get hurt. Famewhore Linds says she is not a lesbian but admits to sleeping with Sam. Sam wants to marry Blohan but won't play at gay bars!? What the hell?? Lying Linds used Sam to help her get back up from her dark slide down, supplies her with her favorite drug and gets publicity about their "relationship"!?! Pathetic, lying, loser, no talent Linds!!! MAKE HER GO AWAY!!!

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