Who's Cutest: Sasha Obama or Piper Palin?

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Their political ideologies may be poles apart, but Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have at least one thing in common: super-cute seven-year-olds!

The Democratic Senator and Republican Governor have both made political history with their respective parties' nominations in this year's election.

With the relative youth each brings to his or her presidential ticket, it's not shocking that both have young kids - including daughters born in 2001!

Tell us, who do you think is cuter, Sasha Obama or Piper Palin?


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well i think that sasha is cute


OMG, they are both adorable. Why make a stupid poll like this? (I'm a Republican...)


I in NO way at all support McCain-Palin... but her daughter is beautiful. As is Barack's children. And I agree with everyone else, hands off the kids. My goodness. Last note... VOTE OBAMA-BIDEN!! WHOOT!:D:D


Both Piper and Sasha are very beautiful kids. They are both unique in their own way. They are just two innocent little girls who shouldn't be in comparison period!!


Why?:( Would so called adults take children and place them in a negative area of petty stupidty.In order to hurt the feelings of these two beautiful creations of God!Please remember that all children are precious gifts from God and that all children are beautiful.If you have children never ever put them in such an hurtful situation. Its not fair and its not OK! Please do not mess with the children.Now thats my straight from the heart comment.Sasha and Piper are both beautiful and have parents that are very proud of the both of them,and LOVES them very much!Stop this right Now >:(.


of course sasha's cuter!!!
she reminds me of ayoki-lee simmons
they look alike
sarah's daughter is okay looking. sorry not tryin to be mean but her family got problems
did you see piper take her hand and lick her lil bro's head?
ewww! both of obama's kids are waaaay cuter then palin's whole family. [reel talk]


I'm voting for McCain, but I don't like this entry on your site. These are 7-year old children and should absolutely be off limits.


sasha proved to be annoying during the dnc, and piper proved to care for her little brother... hmm... tough choice see my decision at joepettis.com


Both are totally adorable, and don't work at destroying their self-esteem by comparing them. Hands off the candidates kids!!