Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Practice on Baby Trig

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Nothing new here - just a photo from the Republican National Convention last week in St. Paul, Minn. But it's a cute picture we had to pass along.

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    Keep tuned. The Truth will surface, sooner or later.
    Check for quite a few pictures that show Palin, S. was not pregnant w/ Trig.


    PRATICE ....are you kidding; these are the parents; Sarah Palin is a liar when she says it's her baby. No one -pratices - as this photo shows. If you research the events during Bristol's (Tig) prenancy, S. Palin's alledged Tig prenancy, only a fool would believe Tig belongs to S. Palin.
    You must remember, they are holy rollers, pentacostal bible thumpin' witch hunters as well as Moose hunters...shot from a helicopter !!!!!! Now, that is hunting.


    Truth for Fame

    People trade truth for the fame,
    It’s part of the political game…
    Yet God never lies, with love comes surprise…
    A child belongs to the same.

    What perplexes me more is the thought
    That God wants us in wars that we fought…
    What part of God’s will , In thou shall not kill
    Is justified now with what’s sought.

    People trade truth for the fame…
    So wrapped up in their self centered game…
    That they’d compromise love and lock up a dove…
    With a series of lies, that’s insane.

    People trade truth for the lies…
    That are harder these days to deny…
    And the bigger it grows, Concerns tragic impose…
    Youthful innocent lives you’ve denied.

    If keeping America safe,
    Relies not on issues, but faith…
    I’ll place “In God we trust”
    At the front of a must
    To vote for two men with such grace.


    This child is NOT Sarah Palins kid. The daughter has doted over Trig since this has become public. Watch S.P. hold Trig vs the daughter. This photoof Bristol and the boyfriend is totally telling that they are the parents. What daughter would hold her mother's kid this way and what boyfriend would kiss his future mother inlaws kid this way? No guy would get that close if it was not his kid. No way no how. Lets have some DNA please.


    All this picture shows is what no one wants to talk about...there is no "pratice" going on's a picture of two teenage parents with THEIR child...a child being "raised" by it's GRANDMOTHER posing as the "mother"..Why would some random self proclaimed "red neck" boy "pratice" fatherhood on his young fiance's brother? It just doesn't make any sense.


    Looks to me like these our the proud parents of baby Trig....I believe it is coming out real pratice here...they have already made a gift of life twice.....


    what a great great mother to be and father to be!!!!!!
    okey good luck to both of you... next time pls practice how to use condoms for safety....

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