Todd Palin: Arrested for DUI!

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Seriously, did John McCain and his staff investigate the background of Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin for 20 minutes?

Or do you think they took a whole half hour?

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Hours after it was announced that 17-year old Bristol Palin is pregnant, research has uncovered the fact that Todd Palin was arrested and charged with DUI in 1986.

Who knew you could be arrested for DUI in a snowmobile. Way to go, Todd Palin!

According to CBN News, Todd was dating Sarah at the time of his arrest, which allegedly occurred in Dillingham, Alaska. There was no accident or injuries.

Citing sources close to Sarah Palin, Brody added that Todd has been "forthcoming about the situation and indicated it was a lesson learned  he was younger."

To be clear, The Hollywood Gossip staff doesn't believe Bristol's pregnancy, or Todd's DUI, has any bearing on Sarah Palin's qualifications for being Vice President.

But it is worth noting the facts that have arisen about Governor Palin in the 72 hours since she was designated the nominee:

  • She is under investigation by an ethics committee in Alaska;
  • Her teenage daughter is pregnant;
  • Her husband was once arrested for drunk driving;
  • She told an interviewer on July 31 of this year that she had no idea what a Vice President actually does.

Any or all of these facts could be overlooked if Palin were as qualified as, say, Joe Biden. But combined with her utter lack of experience in national and international affairs and we're left to wonder if John McCain is even trying to win.


I think Cheney has proven to what extent a VP can influence policies and decisions in the White House.
But even accepting your premiere, that the VP does little on a daily basis, he/she is first in line to be President. McCain himself as said this is the only thing that should matter in choosing a VP - and he's 72, with a history of cancer. It might be morbid, but it's not unrealistic to wonder about what happens if he dies in office. Six presidents - out of 43, not that low a percentage, really - have died in office. It's beyond reckless, arrogant and irresponsible to take on a VP candidate that cannot handle the position of President.
The facts - so far, who knows what else is out there, since McCain's people obviously did not vet Palin at all; read today's NY Times cover story, NO ONE in the Alaskan Legislature was asked for info. on the Governor - are now available to the public and voters can decide if McCain put the country first in selecting Sarah Palin as his VP.


"Truly high position?" The Vice President plays golf, goes to state funerals that the President can't be bothered to attend, and does other minor ceremonial duties. The only other function of the position is sit around and wait for the president to die. Oh, and to "balance the ticket". For what it's worth, I felt that Ferraro was a token appointment too.


Sorry, one more follow up: As I listen to left coast radio, all I hear is seething angry blather that Sarah Palin should stay home and raise her infant son. That sound more like the "angry old white men" of the Republican Party. If a women is a lefty, she can be a Police Chief, firefighter, mayor, construction worker, accountant, New York State Senator, bricklayer or prostitute and still: work, be equal too, or better than a male, come home and cook a meal, take the kids to soccer, attend PTA meetings, do her domestic chores and be proud. If she is a righty, she needs to stay home and raise her child. After having held all of the elected positions that she has (4 I believe ) as opposed to Obama's 1, she seems to have managed so far.


B. Rational -- Very well said. Nothing more need be said


i was so pissed when i saw this, and i was ready to give this post my worst, but luckily, DigDug has taken the words right out of my mouth. Thanks. I cant believe the hollywood gossip would even THINK they could post this. how freaking biast do you have to be to post this? 1986? SERIOUSLY?


Bristol Palin is NOT currently pregnant. This is a fabrication to cover up the fact that Bristol is the mother of Trig -the governor's claimed son. In the weeks/months to come Bristol will unexpectedly suffer a "miscarriage".


Laura Ingram, of Fox News said that Obama's 10 year-old daughter "...looked like a little hooker in her spaghetti-strapped dress." Obama was compared to Britney and Paris and portrayed as the anti-christ/messiah, and his wife was called bitter and angry, and you're telling me that this pregnancy is off limits? McCain left his crippled wife for the current plastic, drug-addict, Barbie wife, and super-Christian Palin's daughter is pregnant, while she's under an FBI investigation! How hypocritical can you be? I think the Republicans hid behind their wives skirt-tails, and used Gustav as an excuse to stay away from this convention because they were afraid to let Bush speak and face the music for choosing Palin.


Lets not forget about John and Cindy's affair while John's wife was disfigured after a near-fatal accident. No wonder the Dems are now in charge of Washington and Obama has been leading in 90% of the polls and will take the oath of office in Jan. No wonder Hurricane Gustav made landfall on the day of the RNC commencement while the Dems had a crystal clear and memorable convention. I am beginning to think that the word Republican by definition means hypocrisy.


So HG you show you stripes so soon, and so clearly. Republican children and families are open to attack and smear but the Christ Reborn that is the idiot named Obama is to not be researched, not be questioned, and instead spoon-fed to the American people. Go back to reporting on Britney's up skirts, that's about all you're good for as a rag.


Gee mmmm let's look at Obama's resume -Said he used marijuana and cocaine
-One of his chief financial contributors(Rezko)is a convicted felon.
-William Ayers, co-leader of the Weather Underground(a political terrorist group) helped launch Obama's political career.
-Need we rehash Reverend Wright? I dunno man, any or all of these facts could be overlooked if Obama were as qualified as, say, John McCain. But combined with his utter lack of experience in national and international affairs, we're left to wonder if Obama is even trying to win.


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Todd Palin [on his wife]: I remember the first time she ran for mayor one of her fellow council members told her you can't run because you've got three negatives: Track, Bristol and Willow. Those are the three kids we had at the time. So when you tell her that kind of stuff, she just gets fired up. We're an Alaska family that adapts.

He's been trained for this mission and so we've seen that confidence in that young man. We're, of course, nervous.

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