The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 49

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday tradition. Let's take a look at who won...

This week's Caption Contest champion is Sysol. Congrats! The winning entry appears beneath the photo below. Good luck to all again this week!

Sean, Jayden and Britney Federline

Jamie Lynn: C'mon Brit, we've been in here for two hours now, the kids can't entertain each other in the car forever!!
Britney: Oh, Jayden is fine watching the other two, just chill I'm trying to find my Crossroads movie... I know they gotta have it!!


Britney: "Let's get trainwrecked..."
Jamie: "Britt that chocolate phone really isn't edible


The Palin family and the Spears family are both
going through some difficult times.
I hope they support each other.
They both need our prayers.


Britney: OMG, They don't have Crossroads, how can they not have it?!
JamieLynn: It's ok Brit, someone probably checked it out. Just don't spaz out ok, you gotta keep up the appearance of sanity, remember?


"Casey's a big fan of Lolita."


JamieLynn: I wonder if they got any good Jenna Jameson stuff in stock ...


britney we should go home coz i miss my baby and im so sure your albums is number one...


Jamie Lynn: What "How To Be A Better Parent" video should I get??
Britney: Uh Jamie why don't we just get Scary Movie instead.


Omg Britney your albums not even in the top 100! nobody on believe it....
oh come on


Should we rent "Ernest Goes to Camp", "Ernest Goes to School", or "Slam Dunk Ernest?


we've seen one night in paris and one night in chyna where is your's and kevin's tape?? you know the one, oooop's we made it again.

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