The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 48

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday tradition. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

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    I know, I know. But they didn't get me the last time, this aint it either. Made a deal with "my" God. Lucifer.


    Has anyone seen a glove...about this big?


    "It's part of the consipiracy to lock me up -- I'm the victim here. Really. "


    OJ: I know,I know. This LV don't look good on me.


    "I would sign an autograph for you, but I'd have to accuse you of stealing valuable collectibles and then threaten to kill you so... no thanks, EMMER-EFFER."


    ok! im oj, mr officer dont worry im not runinng away beacuse jail is my home...


    OJ: "You can't touch this!" (Hammer style)


    Please, hold the applause


    If R. Kelly got off and they had a *video* then I'm in the clear.


    Too bad they dont need me to prove that the glove doest fit like last time.. I could fool em again no problem and get away with this too!!

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