The Exploitation of Dannielynn Birkhead Continues

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Dannielynn Birkhead recently turned two years old. And she received the present all children pine for:

Unwanted celebrity gossip attention!

While the amount of cash, if any, left to him in Anna Nicole Smith's will remains unclear, Larry Birkhead is taking advantage of some of the opportunities made available to him because of his daughter.

This time, she graces the cover of Us Weekly, as Larry shares Dannielynn's first word with the world. It was "mama."

Good for Dannielynn! If our father dragged us to a photo shoot for such a pathetic tabloid - which, it seems reasonable to assume, likely paid him for his time - we wouldn't say his name, either.

Remember when Birkhead actually had Entertainment Tonight cameras follow him and his daughter to Anna Nicole's grave? Disgraceful.

Dannielynn Birkhead

I don't think there is anyhting wrong with him having her in magazines. I am glad because I get to see her cute face:) She was already born in the spotlight no matter what she is going to have her picture taken. I think that that are more things that the common person is subjecting their kids to than having their childs picture taken. Why don't we concentrate on the children that are being abused or neglected in our own communities.


There is a real difference between this kind of coverage of a child and when a parent gets their kid into modeling or acting. Taking solemn moments like a child visiting the grave site of her mother and selling the coverage to Entertainment Tonight is in no way similar to signing your kid up to be the face of a child's clothing line. The publication of Dannielynn, for the profit of her father Larry, at every available moment as a baby and now as a toddler is AT BEST irresponsible and AT WORST incredibly unethical.


give the guy a break. parents who get there kids into modeling/pagents should otherwise be equally guilty.


She IS beautiful and she DOES look exactly like her mother. I just hope that Larry and Howard stop exploiting her the way they exploited her mother and allow her to have some sembalnce of a normal, healthy life.


shes beautiful she look like her mother....


The cloning of Anna Nicole $$$


Larry Birkhead stop selling motherless child, and find a job.You are gay paparazzo who impregnated heroine addicted woman for the fame and money. GO AWAY !!!

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