The Exploitation of Dannielynn Birkhead Continues

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Dannielynn Birkhead recently turned two years old. And she received the present all children pine for:

Unwanted celebrity gossip attention!

While the amount of cash, if any, left to him in Anna Nicole Smith's will remains unclear, Larry Birkhead is taking advantage of some of the opportunities made available to him because of his daughter.

This time, she graces the cover of Us Weekly, as Larry shares Dannielynn's first word with the world. It was "mama."

Good for Dannielynn! If our father dragged us to a photo shoot for such a pathetic tabloid - which, it seems reasonable to assume, likely paid him for his time - we wouldn't say his name, either.

Remember when Birkhead actually had Entertainment Tonight cameras follow him and his daughter to Anna Nicole's grave? Disgraceful.

Dannielynn Birkhead
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Anon--You leave yourself to criticisms, too. Who are you to judge..You aren't God! I am pretty sure you're worst off than these people you're so critical off and you ain't perfect either! A majority of people are very happy for Larry and Dannielynn. They have no qualms and absolutely very happy for the way little tot is getting along!


You are absolutely right--I do have grandiose ideas about the best way to raise a child. I think that a parent's primary responsibility is to keep a child healthy and happy. And I'm judgmental too. I judge the people next door who chain smoke in front of their toddler. I judge the mother at preschool who "forgot" to pick up her kids because she was too busy at a girl's lunch. And I judge Larry Birkhead for exploiting his child--again and again--as a full-time job. Maybe that's wrong. Of course, Larry Birkhead chooses to keep Dannielynn in the spotlight and therefore opens himself up to criticism. That's why celebrities don't have the same right to privacy that the rest of us have.


ANON--It is not any concern of yours of what goes on with Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead. You need to get a life of your own and leave this people ALONE fOR GOD SAKE!!! You ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO SAY SO of how they should run their life. Stop interfering with Larry and little tot Dannielynn! It is so obvious and transparent you are emotionally immature and think that you have such grandiose ideas of how other people should run their personal lives!


So you are related to them, right? You know that she is loved and well-cared for and well adjusted? I just assume because you have all of this first-hand knowledge that you must be related to the "clan" (as you put it.)
As far as giving her a chance to have a normal and happy childhood, I would argue that A) that's her dad's job b) if comments on thehollywoodgossip are keeping her up at night, see A and C) the hollywoodgossip wouldn't have a story about Dannielynn at all if her father hadn't sold her 2nd birthday to the tabloids.


To Anon--I feel that people need to knock it off and leave Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn alone!! It is no one's business to criticize him and as long the child is happy and surrounded with love by the Birkhead Clan, that is what counts the most!!!! Who are you to judge and criticize are all not Dannielynn's dad and she's not related to you all! You all need to mind your own business and get a life! Your criticisms definitely will have no bearing effects on Larry and Dannielynn and will simply go on with their father/daughter life. Dannielynn is a very very happy and well adjusted tot and just SIMPLY LEAVE HER ALONE and give her the chance to have a normal and happy childhood!!!!


Marissa--To positively compare LB's parenting skills to someone who neglects and/or kills their own children is not exactly setting the bar super high, is it? Is that the new benchmark for which we should all strive??


As long as Dannielynn is a very happy and bundle of energy tot, that is what counts the most. Larry loves and dotes on his daughter Dannielynn! He does a much better job than some of the parents who neglect or kill their own children.


To NOODLEMONKEE AND THE REST OF LARRY AND DANNIELYNN DETRACTORS--- You all need to get off your butts and start taking care of your own families instead wasting time badmouthing people you don't know! Leave these people alone and you all need to grow up!!!!


To September, Disgrace, Belicoso, and Noodlemonkee Posters--You aren't in the position to judge and criticize how Larry Birkhead is raising his daughter. That is his own business and he's doing a great job. On the Insider Show, Lara Spencer interviewed Larry Birkhead and showed how Dannielynn was running around hsppily as a 2 year old gal who loves to dress up in very pretty clothes. She is a very well adjusted little girl with such an outgoing personality and always smiling. She's so used to the cameras and very familiar and at ease with the interviewers. Dannielynn was not shy at all with people around her and Lara Spencer. I am very happy how she is turning out and Larry is definitely a fantastic father!!!!


NOODLEMONKEY--I think you need to mind your own business and stop poking your nose into people's lives. You have no say so how Larry and Dannielynn should run their lives. Leave the little innocent 2 year old alone! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!! Get a life! Whatever your nasty opinion of Larry and Dannielynn definitely has no bearing effect on them!!!