Spencer Pratt Launches White House Bid

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You knew it was coming.

Reportedly miffed that John McCain chose a woman (Sarah Palin) for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination whose name is not Heidi Montag, The Hills' villain you love to hate has launched a last-ditch, third-party campaign for President.

While they say voting for a third party is throwing your vote away, it looks like Spencer Pratt's bid is gaining at least a little headway among independents and disaffected Republicans. Click on the photo below for the full news story ...

Can a Spencer Pratt candidacy at least play spoiler for John McCain?

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i threw up in my mouth a little
when i saw that video-
my god, if people are idiotic
enough to vote for someone they don't know
much less that joke of a guy...
then this country could do a LOT WORSE
than McCain/Palin
or Obama/Biden.... my god.


he is a PRATT.he just craves attention why doesnt he go and get a job.


Clearly just for some media attention, wait for it, Heidi will be breaking up with him soon for some more attention. This is wrong and I think very disrespectful to the canidates he is running with.


ok. this is fake. click on the picture and watch the vid. you can put in any video you want.


What a media-whore! People need to stop paying attention to them and maybe they will FINALLY just go away!!


spencer for president ioi, heide for vice president!!!!


ha!ha!ha ha ha ha good luck....


lol good one guys