Source: Jive Milking Britney Spears as Cash Cow

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Forget Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, Lynne Spears and the paparazzi. The latest bad influence in Britney Spears' life may be her label, Jive Records.

So Britney Spears is looking sort of hot again and is coming off three big "wins" at the MTV VMAs - which are arbitrary handouts, let's face it.

Now the big story in the celeb news media is Britney on the mend, looking great, ready to jump start her career and recapture her past glory.

But is that the best thing for her? Or even realistic?

Not only does Spears suffer from serious bipolar disorder (no small issue) she is less than nine months removed from a couple of psychotic incidents so ridiculous that the authorities had to hospitalize her involuntarily. Remember that?

Nine months free of court-ordered psych ward trips doesn't mean she's 100 percent okay, people. And with her next album, Circus, coming out December 2nd, some are wondering if she's being pushed too hard by the bigwigs at Jive.

A source close to Spears raises this concern, telling MSNBC:

“Britney Spears has been going to the studio ever since she got out of the hospital, but it was more a therapeutic exercise than anything. The people who really care about her knew that even though she wants to be the pop star she used to be, it won’t be good for her. We thought Jive understood that. It’s a little unsettling to us that they’d want her to get back to recording so fast.”

It seems to us like Britney is being groomed for a big tour, boat loads of cash and record album sales. Which sounds all well and good ... in theory.

Yet we also can't escape the fact that success is what led to head shavings and such in the first place, and that perhaps a longer recovery is best.

What do you think, fans of Britney Spears?


this is so horrible...i wish her the best.


The bitch is wacked, lock her up & throw away the key.


Slayerbarbie is right. Nine months of treatment with lots of family support and love, fans love, she is much better. Britney is strong enough now to to get with her life the way she wants. If this is wants she wants, it is best to do it now while the boys are young, and maybe open a dance studio when they are in school and retire young. BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY SPEARS!!!


She's bipolar, not mentally incapacitated, People. She's on her meds, she's not being drugged out of her mind by Sam Lufti, and I'm sure that her doctor's had to sign off on it first. Let her get back to her normal life and normal routine.


Probleme is that she couldn`t be here about it.
But you think hard about it,alright.But thanks anyone do.
People think hard about it when they talking badly about it do.They think good sometimes when they thinking bad sometimes do.Alright people do think hard do.


Of course the she isn't ready to be making and promoting another album but its a business. She signed up to do this so therefore she has to fulfill her contract. Jive is thinking about capitalizing on their investment before she does some thing else stupid. Can you blame them?


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