Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Say Cheese

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Hmmm... we wonder what Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are talking about in the photo below.

The young singers embraced at the premiere of Gomez's comedy Another Cinderella Story. Considering the former is rumored to be dating Nick Jonas, and the latter Joe Jonas, we doubt Selena and Taylor were just discussing musical numbers from the film.

Selena Gomez in Mexico City

Perhaps Swift is telling Gomez about Jason Gaston, as well. Selena can stop feeling guilty about dating Miley Cyrus' ex now that that singer has found a hunky replacement.

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not beatiful.... selena and demi are best frends forever ! I think taylor swift is so ugly !


ày loveeeeeeeeee you selena gomez and taylor swift


selena n taylor best friend forever n beutiful


Taylor and Selena look adorable together!!!


Selena how is your relation ship with Joe. PS. Big Fan


Selena do you think you'll ever be best friends with Demi Lovato again


hi.. selena and taylor u look like a sister


Umm Excuse me AMP but His name is Justin not Jason! And Miley is cooler then you so i would not be talking..Thankyou. :D


I hate Miley, and if she is dating Jason then she's even worse than i thought she was....I mean he's 20 for god's sake. The last time i heard she was 16!!! I think she is a shame to her parents, and I feel bad for Jason


dont worry selena, meley cyrus is happy right now and shes already move on that chapter in her life... i think your lucky coz your the apple in eyes of jonas brother......

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