A Sarah Palin Pregnancy Scandal?

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Please note that the political celebrity gossip story below is based on circumstantial, albeit fairly compelling, evidence. There is no proof, although that's how it was with Rielle Hunter, and we all know how that turned out.

Just saying. The Daily Kos, a leftist political blog, is reporting that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President, is not the mother of her fifth child, four-month-old Trig Palin. Rather, her 16-year-old daughter Bristol is.

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The "evidence" for this - you can read the full, and far more comprehensive account here - includes the following:

  • On March 6, the governor announced she was seven months pregnant, to the surprise of everyone.
  • Sarah Palin's water broke a month before Trig was due, but she kept a speaking date in Texas, then flew eight hours, direct, home to Alaska.
  • Upon going into labor, instead of heading to an Anchorage medical facility that could best accommodate a premature birth, she drove 45 minutes to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, outside Wasilla, where she was mayor.
  • On April 18, 2008, Trig Palin, who has Down's Syndrome, was born a month premature. Sarah Palin returned to work after just three days.
  • Bristol Palin was taken out of Anchorage High School due to "mononucleosis." She was absent from school for 5-8 months (accounts vary).

Some believe 16-year-old Bristol Palin (right), not Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was the one pregnant, and starting to show, in this family photo from early 2008.

It's an interesting conspiracy theory, but the thing we don't get is why a major public figure would risk the humiliation of being exposed as a liar when the thing she's trying to cover up isn't that unusual or scandalous.

At least with John Edwards, he knew his career was over the second his affair with Rielle Hunter was exposed, so he might as well roll the dice and lie about it.

But with approval ratings above 80 percent, would Bristol becoming pregnant at 16 really damage Sarah Palin's image that much? Look at Jamie Lynn Spears!

Would it jeopardize Sarah's chances to become Vice President? Maybe. But wouldn't fallout be 10 times worse after having lied repeatedly? The desire to protect her daughter from scrutiny couldn't be worth it, could it?

Either way, the mother of Trig stuck to her guns and did not have an abortion, which regardless of how you feel about that issue, proves Sarah Palin is true to her stated conservative beliefs. We're curious to hear what you think.

UPDATE: Follow the jump for a photo of what appears to be a pregnant Sarah Palin earlier this year. Does this put these rumors to rest?


She doesn't deserve to be the Vice-President of America. She is a bloody liar! And I am sure Mc Cain and the rest of Republicans doesn't have anything good to offer the Americans. Bloody Liars!!!!!!!!


Sarah Palin's daughter gives a new meaning to "Labor Day." Hahahhaha. The holier than Thou Republicans are sweating at this dum choice.


I find it more than ironic that Bristol Palin is considered a saint for not getting an abortion of this child she is currently carrying and possibly an earlier child, Trig. True, she did not abort Trig, but she does deny his existance as her son.


I wish that everyone would leave Sarah alone. I think that she is a wonderful mother and will make a GREAT Vice President.
And while I am here I want to say leave her daughter alone, too. Don't you think she has enough stuff to worry about without having to worry about being tomorrows headline? McCain/Palin 2008


Even if Sarah Palin faked pregnancy to help her daughter, so what? I am a father of two, and I know how hard it is to raise a child. It would be impossible for her 17-old. Sarah Palin is trying to help her daughter. A mother or daughter will do anything to help her/his daughther. Most parents would, anyway.


The article above is inaccurate. The Daily Kos does not consider this story valid. Why are you trying to discredit this excellent source of analysis on the left?


Nice, McCain. What kind of soldier uses a pregnant 17-year-old girl as a political shield? You knew what this was going to do, how it would divert attention away from your policies. You are throwing Bristol under the bus.


Yes...in fact we do care very much. I do not, nor should anyone else judge this family for personal business or choices. However choosing to be placed in the national and world eye by running for one of the most important offices in this country allows for closer scrutiny by all of us. These are not tradtional American values and I do not want them pushed down my throat or my children as being the ideal or remotely acceptable. This is not the right candidate, and I'd hope if Palin's family were the most important thing she'd exit quietly stage right.


Even if it's not true, that the baby is not actually her daughter's, then she shows incredible lack of judgment because of flying at such a late stage of pregnancy, leaking amniotic fluid, and bypassing the major hospitals that could actually care for a premature baby. Don't tell me that those risky choices are definitely put into question through out all of this. She's definitely a "wonderful mother" who would put her child's life at such great risk.


As a republican this bothered me at first. However upon further research I came to the conclusion that this is a good family regardless of the situation. President Clinton has done worse and America loved him.

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