Rumors of Sarah Palin-Scott Richter Affair Denied

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The ex-wife of a man said to have had an affair with Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin tells it's "absolutely, completely false."

"I can tell you this with 1,000 percent certainty, Sarah Palin never had an affair," said Debbie Richter when reached on Friday afternoon.

Palin as a Mother

The rumor that her now ex-husband, Scott Richter, had an affair with Sarah Palin gained momentum after the National Enquirer reported she had been romantically involved with one of Todd Palin's former business associates.

The John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign threatened to sue over the story.

One celebrity news tabloid claims that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had an affair with a former business associate of Todd Palin. Seems like a bit of a stretch to us.

It would be easy to dismiss as pure tabloid trash, but this next piece of information makes the latest Palin scandal at least a little intriguing.

Turns out that the guy Palin is accused of having an affair with just filed an emergency motion to have his divorce records sealed - this week.

Meanwhile, other sources are saying that Brad Hanson is the man who the National Enquirer is going to break as Sarah's "secret affair."

Palin, the governor of Alaska and mother of five, became the first female nominated on a Republican presidential ticket last Friday.

Her life has been subject to intense scrutiny ever since - especially since on Monday, she announced her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol Palin, is five months pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Levi Johnston.


I don't believe anything told by a johnston. sarah is a very beautiful and smart woman enough so that jealous people will say anything about her to try to elevate themselves.go sarah


I just read what Bristol Palin's young lover had to say about himself. The smirking little high school jock doesn't want kids. Too late. He uses the word f--king in every other sentence! Cool? He's one of those clueless young men who think they are mannly just because they can make babies. Duh. He and Ms. Palin should have done as mommy dearest preaches...and abstained. As it is, the unwed mother-to-be is proof that Sarah Palin doesn't believe in abortion---a sure way to get the Bible Belt vote. Lucky break. Meanwhile, Levi Johnson is romancing the world-wide camera's and loving every minute of being "studly!" Yuk. Disgusted in Oregon, Neva Willis


Two famous songs from "My Fair Lady" "I Should Have Danced All Night" and "Get Me To The Church On Time"


To all the "Sheeple" of America. Go ahead and vote for Obama. See exactly what an angry black man and his angry wife will do for our once great county. Perhaps instead of that "whore" Sarah Palin as VP, we can have William Aryes as secretary of defense (he sure knows how to make bombs) and Rezko as head of the Fed., as he sure knows how to wheel and deal. maybe even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will get a cabinet post. When he gets out of jail former Detroit mayor Kwamie Kilpatrick can be head of the ethics committee.


Just a note...when Sarah Palin was competing in a beauty pagent, Barack Obama was editing the Harvard Law Review.


If you're frightened and you know it, get unhinged (get unhinged!)
If you're frightened and you know it, get unhinged (get unhinged!)
If you're frightened and you know it, don't be too afraid to show it,
If you're frightened and you know it, get unhinged (GET UNHINGED!!!) I love a good song. How scary Sarah Palin must be to Obama supporters for them to blindly flail in all directions...and miss so often. This, like the other dreckish scandals, will swirl down the toilet pipes with all the other fecal matter.


This kind of scrutiny is apparently only legitimate when it comes to the investigation of
former primary candidates and sitting presidents. Governor Palin is above reproach? I don't think so. In 9 weeks she will be in a position to possibly run the country. Everything about her needs to come out, NOW.


If there is anything which is "smelly in Demark" certainly will be revealed. McCain with his money and power
won't be able to Stop it! God is the ONE who is in charge!
I do wish she walks away with "clean" hands. In time...we shall see.


theres so much news about her life...what ever it is!!!i still appreciate her for being successful woman....


What? Why shouldn't we believe this? She seems unconcerned that her teenaged daughter had an active, illicit lust life. She is arrogant about grasping for power, that the rules do not apply to her, and that her version of evangelicalism is all about being a self centered bully. I think she would be most apt to HAVE such an affair! Besides, have you seen her husband? And hey- no need to fear of her ever becoming president if McCain kicks it. HIs own Evita Peron/Cindy is ready to step in and declair martial law.

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