Rob Lowe: Laura Boyce is a Racist

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You though the Rob Lowe vs. Laura Boyce feud was over, didn't you?

Far from it.

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In response to claims against Lowe and wife Sheryl that they sexuallu harassed their former nanny, the actor filed sworn statements in a Los Angeles Superior Court from people who knew and worked with Boyce. They said she didn't like black people.

"Laura would use the 'n-word' a lot when referring to her African-American friends and lovers," Boyce's former friend Noa Shaw said in her statement. "Laura was very open with her use of the 'n-word' in public."

Moreover, the president of Lowe's production company, Jennifer Dynof, said she had reprimanded Boyce "about her use of the ("n" word) around the children and the Lowe's friends."

Gloria Allred, the attorney for Laura Boyce, made it clear, this issue was far from over: "We will be filing our reply to (Lowe's allegations) within five days and it will contain our response."

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