Report: Casey Aldridge May Leave Jamie Lynn Spears

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Just when you thought Levi Johnston had a stranglehold on unwed, teen baby daddy news, out of the woodwork comes the great Casey Aldridge!

Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiance, who's still dealing with rumors that he railed Kelli Dawson feverishly while JLS was preggers, is now looking to bolt ASAP - and plans to take 2-month-old daughter Maddie Briann with him.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

This new, scandalous chapter in the teen couple's ongoing saga could spell heartache for Jamie Lynn as Casey Aldridge is gearing up for a split - and readying for a courtroom brawl, if needed, in order to keep Maddie.

"He's not a spiteful person," a friend says. "But he feels that he's entitled to a chunk of Jamie Lynn's millions. He plays to win. He doesn't really want custody, but he knows it might be his best weapon against Jamie Lynn."

But don't think that Jamie Lynn Spears will go down without a fight and just give up Maddie Briann. Sources say the 17-year-old may talk to her own attorneys, cut off Casey's money supply and sell their house in Liberty, Miss.

"Jamie Lynn was giving [Casey Aldridge] tens of thousands of dollars to spend on electronics, video games and the new truck that she bought him — in fact, Casey spent $8,000 last month alone on gas and sporting equipment."

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if i see the bitch im weale kicking in the fucking ass bc he only want the money and he never Love jamie i Love jamie i dont care the stuped money i Love that gril bc is especial,cute and i Love u jamie i dont care what the people tall me and i dont care ur money only u y Love u y want marie u


What the hell!!! Why does he get all that $$??!!!?!?!?! He'll never even love her.


Perfect work!


hes such a bastard he doesnt love jamie lynn he doesnt love maddie he loves the monie why doesnt he just get a job go to a bar and bang up a slut who doesnt have a life and a family that cares for her he should just get out of jamie lynn's life and maddie's life and go 2 hell!!!


que lindo casal. e que bebê mais linda. felicidadess :D beiijooss :**


I think he needs to pay her wasn't she a lot underaged for one? Uh can you say statuatory rape. Why the hell would he get any money at all? If anyone ruined anyone's life here it would be him doing it to her. At least she had something going for herself unlike him laying pipe, what the hell kind of future is that? What a loser. How typical trying to follow the same footsteps as Kevin Federline. What a freeloader.


All he did was knock her up, it isn't his money and how does he expect to get custody??? She's rich and he's a nobody..Ugh. He needs to get his wiener chopped, the cheatin bastard.


no!! if they arent married he shouldnt get any money!! what a bitch (yes i know hes a guy but hes still a bitch)


is he acculy intitled to her money if they are not married??


I actually feel sorry for the Spears sisters. Their guys are following the same footsteps. Get em Pregnant, ditch em with the sister's cash and take the kids with him.