Pussycat Dolls Sort of Class Up Blender Magazine

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The sort of glamourous Pussycat Dolls look absolutely slightly better than average in all white on the cover of Blender magazine's October 2008 issue.

The Hollywood Gossip pop quiz: Name the other four Pussycat Dolls besides Nicole Scherzinger. No, really. You gotta us. We have absolutely no idea.

Original X Factor Panel

Nicole Scherzinger looks fairly sexy on this cover. The other four members of PCD will remain nameless. We're sure they're nice people - we just have no clue who they are.


Nicole gets way to much attention, they all put in the same effort and she gets all the publicity....and by all i mean KIMBERLY, ASHLEY, MELODY AND JESICCA. I just think its wrong to be honest their a band and 4 of them are unrecognisable to most people because of nicoles need of attention (N) Kimberly, Ashley, Melody and Jesicca you rock :)


Starting from the left: Kimberly, Nicole, Melody, Jessica and Ashley is at the bottom


I love your new song is vary hot & sexy you are my big fan


The one to the right of Nicole standing up is called Melanie I think.

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