Pamela Anderson to Sarah Palin: Suck It!

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I can't stand her. She can suck it.

Pamela Anderson isn't exactly as thoughtful or well-spoken as Matt Damon when it comes to her disdain for Sarah Palin.

S 2 the P

But the former Baywatch star is a lot more direct.

As the video below and the quote above prove, Anderson doesn't think Palin is the ideal choice for Vice President:


Can Palin suck it? We're not about to go there.

But anyone that has seen Pamela Anderson nude on tape with Tommy Lee and/or Bret Michaels certainly knows this busty blonde can perform that act.


I wonder how many copies of Pamela Anderson Sex Tape were spread?!
Watch it here: Pamela Anderson Sex Tape (full version)

Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Good luck!


... a new nationwide survey of Americans 18 years old and older conducted by Responsive Management of Harrisonburg, Virginia, shows that 93% of Americans support hunting and fishing. Hollywood is a very small part of America, yet they seem to believe that they are the only America that matters. Get a clue. The majority of us are NOT vegans, or Peta activists, so please don't act as if there is no other NORMAL way of thinking, it's very offensive. Tolerance goes both ways.


Pam - shut up you dumb ignoric slut... right from SNL. The pumped up and blown up procedures have gone right to your head....JUST AIR! Palin is the real deal! An intelligent mother with a beautiful family and able to handle a career and family balance. You have no clue about actual politics or government. You need to keep your pumped up mouth shut.


anderson is a tired looking old hag, no brains to speak of, calling jessica simpson a whore and a bitch, hahahahahha, takes one to know one. although i dont think simpson is a whore, youve got it down on that role.
youre obviously jealous of Sarah Palin, and your obviously stupid, youre not sexy or good looking. but you can keep trying. your poor kids. youre truly a lousy mother.
keep coming out with comments like that and you will get it right back at ya!


you go big dumb ape! What a bimbo--just thinking--mother of the year award going to this waste of fake flesh-uh, I don't think so.How sad, Pam sounds a bit jealous. Hey Pam, you're a freak!!!


LMAO! Pam Anderson telling Sarah Palin to "suck it"? Is it just me or does anyone else find it truly hysterical that these words are coming from a pinhead blond bimbo whose only real claim to fame IS sucking it in an infamous video that you can download online? I guess there IS poetic justice after all!


Wow, Pam is very jealous! I'm loving it!


i think pam might be on minute 15 of her "fame"ilogical clock. tick tock...


I'm sure you're so qualified...........


you might be a redneck...if you bleach your do, shoot up your lips, fill up the implants and your theatrical claim to fame is a porno.

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Comox, British Columbia, Canada
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I think she is a bitch and whore.

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I just know I'm an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid to be found. I'm afraid not to be found.

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