Natalie Dylan: Nude, Talking About Barack Obama Banging

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Natalie Dylan is auctioning off her virginity for cash. Seriously.

Will this make her first time any less special? Quite the opposite, the 22-year old told Scandalist.

“Everyone wants the first time to be special and I can’t imagine a more special way than this,” she said.

Adorable Dylan

You can more than just drool over Natalie Dylan nude. You can penetrate her with your penis... for the right price!

Dylan went on to say she has participated in oral sex, and she won't let just anyone bend her over. While money is the driving factor behind Natalie's decision, she wants a partner who “seems intelligent.”

That makes her ideal bidder an obvious choice, right?

“Barack Obama. He is so charismatic.”


Perfect work!


If and only if someone has enough money to waist it with you, right after that you can call an agent for your first porn movie. Think about what's coming're stupid.


im writing from mexico this hapends here in a broadcast a stupid kind of macho man said someting about like the writed above about another person talk about why nataly dylan offers in net the person said that she needs the money for study and a proyect about womens and family then the worst coments on line that mades me mad thats what im think theres no reason to ofence a women if i were walty certanly i give it to nataly the money and
she keeps the virginity untouch its needs a lot of courage to offer something like this im a moral person i dont agree to suport acts against women and dignity i like women i love it im sorry because i dont have the million sincerly i wish you the best from mexico


I got $10 how about it


I am ashame of you as woman, why should you sell the only thing you have as your pride and dignity,dosent it mean any thing to you!




why w'd a dude blow $1million on an untested 'product'(cos it's only products that are auctioned) when you can get a thousand quality tested and certified ones for that price and also a good number of untested ones too.
Also for her to go through college for 4 yrs with a sister who is a hooker and still remain a virgin....i smell dysfunctionality somehere.
Well for a million bucks i sure hope the highest bidder would be wider than a beer can and harder than granite.


wheres this auction taking place ebay she's got somethin


Keep your money guys, I highly doubt she's a virgin. Truly sad how she would prostitute her self.

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Natalie Dylan is a virgin... but not for long! This Sacramento State graduate is auctioning off her virginity in order to make financial... More »
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I don't think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems, but it will create some financial stability.

Natalie Dylan

Through this process I'm not just looking for the highest bidder. I'm looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person.

Natalie Dylan