Matt Damon: Not a Big Fan of Sarah Palin

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The race for the White House is heating (and all tied) up as millions of Americans have become enthralled with the rock star that is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Matt Damon? Not among them!

Todd and Sarah Palin Picture

You could say the Good Will Hunting actor is the anti-Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Here's what Damon had to say to the AP about the Republican V.P. nominee ...

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No wonder Matt is upset, it's election time! And elections anger famous folk from privileged backgrounds because it is the only time where they are made to feel common; their vote only counts as one, like the rest of us. No red carpet leading up to the voting booth, my friend.
We all know that going toe-to-toe with Putin would be better suited for someone less real than Sarah Palin. Jason Bourne should run for president.


I'm absolutely disgusted by Matt Damon's comments. I will never rent another one of his movies or spend money to view one in a theatre. Some people are suggesting that he keep his mouth shut if he's not reading a script. However, I feel that if these are his honest feelings about women that support their children during hockey, soccer, football, etc. games - he is or will be a lousy father and a lousy American. It was condescending a rude to all of his fans that have supported him all of these years. I hope others will join me in NOT SUPPORTING HIS MOVIES ANY LONGER!!!


No, you got it wrong, it's vote for Obama or you're an idiot. I wish I could round up all the idiots and send their fat-asses off to war.


What is wrong with Matt Damon? Who cares what he thinks, (I guess brainless people might be thinking Jason Bourne is telling them to vote for Obama). Obama is a joke, he refuses to do town hall debates but then in a recent speech says that McCain and himself need to debate the issues, HuH? What qualifies Obama to be president, he promises to bring change? Guess what the guy who used all that BS two years ago(Gov. Deval Patrick) has doesn't done squat as govenor of Mass, so what makes anyone think the Obama will do anything different. We believe in change, a new hope and by the way Im going to make my Vice President a guy who has been in congress for 20+ years and cant tell his ass from his elbow. But vote for Obama or your a racist, isn't that right Reverend Wright?


They give their opinions because they can. Who are you? Overwhelmingly they support Obama, and the celebrities are even in the highest tax brackets, and they support him, because they know he is the candidate to repair this country. So be careful who you criticize, when they could be paying, and are willing to pay, for your children's health care. Mccain/Palin is a joke. If you want four more years of the same crap, then you should go form your own country, and let the Americans get back to fixing what needs fixed.


I wonder what gives these Hollywood actors the idea that they and their opinions are interesting to any thinking person? They are a persona on a screen. Be it a TV screen or the so-called "silver screen." I have an opinion just like Matt Damon or any of his ilk. However, I do not stand around in my office and preach to those around me who do not want to hear me spout off my rhetoric. Why do these actors use their fame to pour out their sophomoric dribble? ...
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matt, who is this guy and when did we start taking political advice from an actor. who does he think he is? secondly, b/c palin is a mother, she doesn't know about dinosaurs and whatever other jargin you throw at her. but obama- this guy who we still know nothing about is your choice? why b/c he's a democrat? got a better reason? we hear that oboma is about change yet how does he plan to implement his changes? you should really think it through before voicing your opinion for fear of sounding ignorant. matt stick to making kids and writing crappy screenplays.




ROFL...the dinosaurs part was funny...I guess what Matt needs to understand is that presidential elections are all about the money and since the GOP was down on it they had to make a desperate yes, Pres. Palin could happen...and it will be an utter disaster if it does...i never thought the GOP could top Bush but I guess it's happening right now.


Matt Damon for president!

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