Matt Damon: Not a Big Fan of Sarah Palin

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The race for the White House is heating (and all tied) up as millions of Americans have become enthralled with the rock star that is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Matt Damon? Not among them!

Todd and Sarah Palin Picture

You could say the Good Will Hunting actor is the anti-Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Here's what Damon had to say to the AP about the Republican V.P. nominee ...

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He's such a dumb idiot who makes a lot of really lousy movies. He's scared of Palin because we don't know anything about her. We don't know anything about Obama, and he's the president next week, with less experience than Palin. He has to say this because he's an actor. If you say you're a Republican in Hollywood, the chances are you may not be working steadily.


Since when can BO RELATE to poor Americans? His folks were WHITE and certainly NOT POOR, sent him to private schools and taught him Marxism, Guess Matt learned some of that from his Bourne movies and now thinks he has an education. Even Old Ladies can outthink this nothing on a BAD day! We don't need Hollyweirdos with their lack of morals telling us how to vote and what they think. Go back and crawl into your next costume so you can pretend you are someone else.


I am definitely an OBAMA fan but honestly, I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. She is so clueless. She is just a walking comedian; the sad part is, she doesn't even know it. Everyone is totally laughing at her. I don't find it amusing at all. Let's be honest world....We all know Sarah is not ready to be VP and definitely not The President of the United States. Everyone keep saying Sarah has more experience over OBAMA....But there is one thing Obama definitely has over Sarah...and that's common sense. If you don't have any common are totally useless!!! Common sense is something Palin doesn't have. Let's keep it real here.


Do you really believe that if Palin becomes president this country will be in good hands. Obama is a good candidate because he can relate to the middle and lower class Americans. Lets be honest, McCain has never had to work to pay bills, hes never struggled and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He looks out for his own despite whatever argument he makes. They attack Obamas views by saying there communistic. Is removing books from libraries because you dont like them sound like a democracy? Ironically its a perfect example of communism


ahh JT, might want to check your spelling.
Nuf said.
Go McCain/Palin


Judging by the spelling of those of you closet Bush folks, we needed to spend a little of those trillions on better schools. Sarah Palin is absolutely NOT qualified to lead this country. Why do you attach Matt when he's only making his own point. At least McCain could have picked a viable candidate to run with, so you anti-Obama people would have a legitimate beef. Check your facts, Obama's tax raise proposals have nothing to do with the middle class, working people. 'Nuf said.


any one have freedom to speak and to stand what is wright and they believed... country first!totally agree to michelle.


With all due respect, for having conservative values, Sarah Palin can't even manage her own family. How is she going to manage a country?


I use to kinda like you but now I totally HATE you...I think what you are really trying to say is a women cant take on world leaders... You are a complete P.O.S....STick to what you know which is " making really bad movies"!!!! You are a horse's ass.. howz that for small town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!